10 Reasons to fall in love with Berlin at Christmas

Besides recent events that occurred in Berlin a few days ago, I stand by my choice to live here. No matter what, this city keeps on inspiring me daily, refreshing me and making me not regret a single moment of my life.

I Love Christmas…

I Love Berlin…

Christmas in Berlin is an amazing experience. Everyone should at least visit Berlin once during the winter holidays.

1. Christmas Markets

Even if you don’t plan on visiting any of Berlin’s Christmas markets, there is no chance you will miss them on your way around town. But then again, I cannot imagine someone coming to Berlin and not visiting at least 4 of them.

Each area has one Christmas market, with the biggest and most famous being the ones in Gendarmenmarkt, Alexanderplatz (& Alexa), Potsdamer Platz and Gedächtniskirche in Charlottenburg.

Sony Center
Arkaden Mall

2. Christmas Decorations Around The City

During the winter holidays, Berlin will leave you speechless. Everything and I mean everything is decorated. Stores, streets, even the trees. The decorations whether grand or not, they are beautiful and catch your eye in an instant.

Postdamer Platz

3. Shop Till You Drop

It’s only normal that you will shop a lot during the holidays. Clothes, Christmas house decorations and presents. What better than combining your shopping with some great sales. It is not a secret that during this time of year, stores in Berlin offer some pretty good sales or offers. Put on your flats and take advantage of them.

Arkaden Mall

4. Fireworks

We are not talking about just fireworks. Berliners really know how to deal with fireworks. On New Year’s Eve, at midnight wherever you are you will most likely experience a beautiful firework show. If possible, get somewhere high up to enjoy them and get amazing pictures.

I have already seen fireworks around the city at random times. Probably they are getting ready for New Years.

by flyvictor.com

5. Botanical Garten

Open until 1st of January 2017, from 17:00 to 23:00 daily, you have to visit the Botanical Garden in Berlin. Every holiday season, the garden turns into a magical and breathtaking wonderland with illuminations and 3D decorations. There are various food tents and fireplaces all around.

by inyourpocket.com
by inyourpocket.com

6. Fun Activities

If you want to do something other than shopping and drinking, then you have choices. You can take your children to the Christmas markets and let them enjoy the carousels and Ferris wheels. At Sony Center, there is a fairy that kids find fascinating.

You can visit Alexa mall in Alexanderplatz to see the big fun fair. Another choice is to go to the different events happening around town or go ice-skating in Postdamer Platz, the Botanical Garden or Alexanderplatz.

Postdamer Platz
Fairy Stella

7. Events

There are events happening in various areas of Berlin every single day. Whether you choose to visit Sony Center for the Enchanting Christmas Season to see the dance show for free or pay for THE ONE Grand show, the biggest show in Berlin at the moment, you will have a great time.

Museums also have events, with special exhibitions just for the holiday season. Bars have live shows or parties on specific days of the month. Dancing performances, live music, free tango and dance lessons, concerts and street food festivals are some of the top options.

by berlin-welcomecard.de

8. New Year’s Eve

Once in your life, you have to experience a New Year’s Eve outside among thousands of people. Doing so in Berlin, will not disappoint you. From Brandenburg Tor until the Victory Column, live music, performances, and artists wait for you. The shows begin at 19:00. You can visit before to see the rehearsals. Once it’s midnight, the sky fills with fireworks and around you people smile, laugh and hug.

Jahreswechsel 2013 - Brandenburger Tor
by berlin.de

9. Nightlife

Take your pick. Bars, restaurants, clubs, street food, live music. Nights in Berlin offer anything you want. Any kind of entertainment for any kind of culture. No matter where you go, all places are filled with people, even during weekdays, something not common in the rest of Germany.

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10. Sightseeing

Visiting Berlin during Christmas does not mean you only come for the markets and decorations. Above all, the sights are Berlin’s gem and are worth seeing all year long. From Museum Island to Victoria Park, all museums, parks, and sights must become your choice for a break from all the Christmas craziness.

Berlin Cathedral
Victory Column