7 Food Places you MUST Visit in Lisbon

Portuguese cuisine is a combination of flavor and richness. The country is known for its fresh seafood, which you will find everywhere. Sardines are the star of Lisbon, with the city even having sardine souvenir shops. 

You have to try the traditional dessert, Pastel de Nata, any type of seafood and Francesinha, which might not look that appealing, but it is definitely delicious. Lisbon has a variety of cuisines for you to dine at, with a large number of Nepal restaurants. Just a small tip. Always check the opening times for any restaurant you want to visit, since most of them can have waiting times up to 1,5 hours. 



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Cuisine: Breakfast, Cafe

Location: Praca da Alegria 35 37Lisbon 1250-004, Portugal

Hours: Monday – Saturday (19:00 – 20:00)

If it is time for breakfast or brunch, make sure to visit Brooklyn. The menus start at 5 euros and everything is tasty and well prepared. Fresh fruits and juices, croissants, pancakes, toasts and eggs are a few of the things on the menu.


2.Pastéis de Belém

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Cuisine: Dessert, Cafe

Location: Rua de Belem n0 84 a 92 | 84 A 92Lisbon 1300-085, Portugal

Hours: Sunday – Saturday (08:00 – 23:00)

The original Pastel de Nata started in 1837 right in this store. The taste is almost identical to that of a Greek Bougatsa. The Pastels de Nata are served in boxes of 6 or more, always with some cinnamon and powder sugar for those that want to add it (Please DO add it).

What you have to know is that the store is always fully packed with people. Always check the Google live peak hours in order to avoid waiting for 2 hours. The best time to visit is before 11:00 or after 21:00.


3.Time Out Market Lisboa

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Cuisine: Seafood, Steak, Burger, Dessert, and many more

Location: Avenida 24 de Julho, 49 | Mercado da RibeiraLisbon 1200, Portugal

Hours: Sunday – Wednesday (10:00 – 00:00) & Thursday – Saturday (10:00 – 02:00)

The number one food place you have to visit in Lisbon. The food hall has more than 40  restaurants and shops and some very important Michelin-star chefs. The market has ´one of the most visionary concepts in the European food service sector – proof of the high-quality fine food the market makes affordable and accessible for all.´


4.Leve Leve Tapas Bar

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Cuisine: Tapas Bar

Location: Travessa das Merces 6ALisbon 1200-268, Portugal

Hours: Tuesday – Sunday (18:00 – 23:00)

Great tapas and an excellent choice for vegetarians as well. Even though the restaurant is small, the atmosphere totally makes up for it. The staff is very friendly and the prices really good. The only negative thing is that in rush hours you may not find a table, so get there before the restaurant opens.


5.Há Tapas no Mercado!!!

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Cuisine: European, Portuguese

Location: R. Ângela Pinto 14, 1900-067 Lisboa, Portugal

Hours: Tuesday – Thursday (18:00 – 21:00)

Tuesday – Saturday (11:30 – 15:00)

Friday – Saturday (18:00 – 22:00)

Exquisite food and great prices. Even though the menu is only available in Portuguese, do not sweat. The owner will be more than happy to translate the whole menu to you. To make the experience even more special, they provide tasters of either the three white or the three red wines for you to make your choice.


6.Miteri Restaurant & Rodhi Ghar

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Cuisine: Nepali

Location:  Rua da Guine 5ALisbon 1170-172, Portugal

Hours: Daily (08:00 – 01:00)

Lisbon has some of the best Nepali restaurants, a unique cuisine with delicious food. One of the cuisine´s hidden gems is the Miteri Restaurant. The restaurant is small and simple with a great vibe from Nepal. The service is exceptional and so is the food. The owners make you feel so comfortable and relaxed. Their politeness and kindness make you feel so humble and truly enjoy the food and get a small taste of their dishes. 




Cuisine: Mediterranean

Location: Rua Morais Soares 101Lisbon 1900-342, Portugal

Hours: Thursday – Tuesday (12:00 – 15:00 & 18:00 – 22:30)

The best chicken you might have but comes in large portions. Even though that might sound perfect, know that a portion can easily be enough for two people. The restaurant is always packed and it can be quite difficult to find a table especially in the evening. However, it is definitely worth the wait. The prices and service are great, but be aware that you can only pay in cash. 





All pictures were taken from the restaurants´official site & social media

Tour Porto in 1 Day

Besides being the second largest Portuguese city, Porto´s history and sights are World Heritage sites. Even though Porto has not always been a very popular destination, in the last years since it won the award for Best European Destination in 2012, 2014 and 2017, the city is a must for tourists.

When visiting Portugal, it would be great if you could find the time to visit Porto. One day is enough for those who have limited days on their trip. The city is truly beautiful and you fall in love with it instantly.



Sao Bento Train Station

If you are lucky enough to arrive in Porto by train, then embrace yourselves to get magnetized by the views. From one side you have the mountain with colorful houses and from the other side, a spectacular view of Ponte de Dom.

The train station is a piece of art on its own, with the walls being covered with the iconic blue tile of Portugal.  The moment you get out of the station is when you fall in love with a city you thought would never surprise you.

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Liberdade Square


In the center of Porto, you will find this square, full of restaurants and cafes. 2 minutes from the Sao Bento station, makes it a great spot to pass by on your way to other sights. Usually, when a big event happens in the city, it will take place right there.


Livraria Lello


This famous Portuguese bookstore, also known as Livraria Lello, is one of the oldest bookstores in Europe and one of the top bookstores in the world. The admission fee for entering is 5 euros, but if you purchase a book, it will be reducted from the final price.  It is definitely well worth the wait to get in, especially if you are a book lover.

What makes it even more special for the Harry Potter fans, is that the library in the Hogwarts Castle was inspired on the Lello bookstore since J.K Rowling lived in Porto when she was writing the first book of Harry Potter.


Porto Cathedral


The cathedral is standing tall in the center of Porto. Being one of the most famous sights in Porto, it gathers visitors all day long. By going to the top, you can enjoy some amazing views and with a fee of 3 euros, you can get into the side building.


Palácio de Bolsa

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Known for its beautiful architecture, the Stock exchange Palace of Porto is an amazingly preserved building full of history and a World Heritage Site. From the inside, the sight is simply stunning and will make you feel like you take all its history in.

You can pick tours based on your preferred language throughout the day. The highlight of your visit would definitely be the Arab themed room.


Cais da Ribeira

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Ribeira spreads along the Douro river and is a stunning square full of life, with shops, restaurants and local goods.  It is a very touristy area, but on the bright side, you will be greatly entertained by all the street artists.

When you are there make sure to try the Francesinha, a local dish that is more or less a toast with different types of meats, like steak, sausage, and ham. It is usually topped with an egg and a spicy sauce made with beer and tomato, which is poured over melted cheese.


Ponte de Dom Luis I


The city´s iconic sight is perfect for photographers since it can give you the best views of the city. A cable car (Funicular dos Guindais) will be ready to take you to the top of the 172-meter long bridge. If you more adventurous, you can climb the 65 meters tall bridge with professional equipment. That would be a unique opportunity since it is the only arch in Europe that people can visit.

The sight is filled with tons of people on a daily basis, that enjoy the views and the street performances. Around you will find many cafes and restaurants with fresh and delicious seafood.


Wine Quay Bar


If you want to try the local wine with a view, then go to the Wine Quay Bar. It is located on the Ribeira Square and it is open from Monday to Saturday (16:00 – 23:00). The view is amazing, especially during the night. The service is great and so are the options of cheeses and meats to go with your wine.

Getting Around Lagos, Portugal (How to get there, where to eat, where to go)

The most visited city in Portugal is a true gem for tourists. The unique beaches with insane views and crystal clear ocean waters, make it one of the best summer destinations.

Lagos beaches have been voted as the most beautiful ones in the world and among the ones you should definitely visit at least once in your lifetime.


Why visit Lagos?

The Algarve city is a must for tourists and the most popular destination in Portugal, especially in the summer. Why would someone miss these beautiful and breathtaking beaches? They have been formed naturally and the view is stunning from every point.

How to get to Lagos?

The nearest airport to get to Lagos is 90 km away in Faro. You can get to Lagos by taxi, which is not recommended since it can cost up to 100 euros or more. The best options are to take the train or bus from Faro city.

To get from the airport to Faro city, you get buses 14 and 16 (If the bus displays “Praia de Faro”, it is heading straight to the beach and not the city center). You will be in the city in about 15 minutes.


Faro Train Station: Largo da Estação, 8000-133 Faro, Portugal

Faro Bus Station: Proximo, Av. da República 126, 8000-078 Faro, Portugal

You can book your tickets online or take them from the two stations. What you have to know is that if you book them online 8 days before you can get them cheaper.

The train departs daily at 07:00, 08:22, 16:00 and 17:56. So, if these times do not work for you, you can always choose to travel by bus. If the two sites show you no departures, you can always visit them at their booking offices.

Official Sites to book your tickets

Trains: https://www.cp.pt

Buses: https://www.rede-expressos.pt

Beaches you have to visit

  1. Praia do Pinhao
  2. Praia Dona Ana
  3. Camilo Beach
  4. Meia Praia


What to do

  1. Ponta da Piedade
  2. Lagos Zoo
  3. Caves boat trips (Benagil Caves)
  4. Go around in the city center
  5. Drink Gin Sul


What about the food?

Anywhere you eat in Lagos you will be pleased. There are many options regarding your preference in cuisines. Just make sure to try Pastel de Nata; a traditional and delicious pastry. Casa do Prego and Tasca Jota were a bit pricey but it was definitely worth it.


Things you need to know

1. There is no public transportation. But taxis are extremely affordable.

2. The ocean is freezing. It is almost impossible to put all of your body inside.

3. Be prepared for a lot of walking.

4. Always be aware of pickpockets.