5 Affordable Michelin restaurants in Paris

When in Paris, besides embracing the beautiful vibe of the city, you also need to explore the cuisine. There is no better destination to make your palate explode. with unique flavours.

Of course, gourmet food, especially Michelin restaurants are usually out of touch for most. However, in Paris, you can find some of the most affordable ones.

Keep in mind that it might take a while to make a reservation in all of them. It would be best if you book 3 weeks before.


1. Auguste

Gaël Orieux, the chef that loves the sea and creates unique flavours yet simple. The menu is created depending on the season so that all produce is fresh.

You can either order separate dishes for a price of approximately 50 euros per dish or try the menus. The most affordable menu starts at a price of 37 euros per person, the next is 88 euros per person and the last one 154 euros per person.

If the price seems to be too much, it really is not. With 37 euros you get the unique opportunity to taste some incredibly delicious dishes and introduce yourself to the wonders of gourmet cuisine.


2. L’Agapé

The 34-year-old Yoshitaka Takayanagi has created a sublime menu. Dishes can be ordered separately or as a menu, with the least expensive being a 4-course menu at the price of 52 euros per person.

The presentation and taste of each dish fully represents the chef and his identity. The excellent service, the flavorful food and the beautiful decor will sure make this experience special and one you will remember.


3. Septime

One of the most popular Michelin restaurants in Paris. In 2012, Chef Bertrand Grébaut opened Septime and since then, each season he cooks stunning and delicious menus.

The lunch tasting is a 4-course menu with the main course of your choice for a price of 42 euros per person, while the dinner menu is a 7-course menu for 80 euros.

The chef´s delicate and dynamic cooking is reflected in each dish, bringing French modern cuisine to another level.


4. Les Fables de La Fontaine

The first impression you get when you enter Les Fables de La Fontaine is that it is a very stylish and with character restaurant. More than that, it is currently one of the most famous places to eat seafood and fish.

The truly low prices, make it an accessible and affordable restaurant to many. David Bottreau, the restaurant´s chef, has created a sensational lunch menu at the price of 28 euros per person.

If you want to explore the menu explode your palate with incredible flavours, then you can also try more dishes from the menu, since the prices are more than reasonable.


5. Saturne table.cave

If you value simplicity yet good quality, then Saturne is the place for you. Chef Sven Chartier and sommelier Ewen Le Moigne have created an amazing lunch and dinner menu with interesting wine pairings.

The 3-course lunch costs 45 euros per person and the 6-course dinner 85 euros. The menu is made with organic products and natural wines. The element of surprise and excitement is hidden in the fact that you do not know the menu beforehand. But that is not a problem. Presentation and taste are always impeccable.




Where to eat in Krakow

Admittedly, Poland is known for the good food and Krakow is not an exception. From traditional cuisine to classic burgers, one thing is for sure… You will want more.

Below you can find the best places for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and coffee based on taste, ingredient quality and prices.


1. Milkbar Tomasza

A true hidden gem in the city of Krakow. There are many breakfast choices for you and everything is simply delicious.

Address: ul. Sw. Tomasza 24 | 31-027 Krakow, Krakow 31-027, Poland

Opening Hours: 08:00 – 20:00 (Tue – Sat)

09:00 – 20:00 (Sun)

What to eat:

  • Poached eggs with spinach, grilled peppers & Cottage cheese
  • Spanish omelette with potatoes, olives, gouda & bacon
  • Irish breakfast



2. GOGO Burger

For the burger lovers, this is a must. The burgers are all super tasty, the service excellent and the prices very very low.

Address: Starowislna 16, Krakow 31-032, Poland

Opening Hours: 12:00 – 22:30 (Mon – Fr)

What to eat:

  • French burger
  • Bacon Cheeseburger
  • Guacamole burger



3. Vegab

A truly unique place with unique and healthy food and the perfect option for any vegetarian. Everything is delicious and prepared with fresh ingredients.

Address: Starowislna 6, Krakow 31-032, Poland

Opening Hours: 11:00 – 21:00 (Mon – Thur)

11:00 – 23:00 (Fri – Sat)

11:00 – 20:00 (Sun)

What to eat:

  • Beirut (hummus, sesame tahini, pickled cucumbers)
  • Olymp (tzatziki, black olives, sundried tomatoes)
  • Aloha (mango sweet & sour sauce, marinated pineapple)
  • Superfood smoothie (goji berries, chia, date paste, young barley, orange, apple)
by Vegab

4. Smakolyki

If you want to taste traditional Polish food for breakfast, lunch or dinner, this is the place for you. The decoration of the restaurant is very cosy, the food is delicious and the prices excellent.

Address: Straszewskiego 28, Krakow, Poland

Opening Hours: 09:00 – 22:00 daily

What to eat:

  • Dumplings
  • Mushroom soup with noodles
  • Roasted ribs
  • Homemade cheesecake
by Smakolyki


5. Lajkonik – Piekarnia i Kawiarnia

The local and traditional bakery with many locations around the city. Everything is fresh and delicious. Perfect for a quick snack during the day or a rich breakfast.

Address: Karmelicka 22 | Opposite Carmelite Church

Opening Hours: 06:30 – 20:00 (Mon – Fri)

07:00 – 20:00 (Sat)

07:00 – 21:00 (Sun)

**Opening hours vary in the other locations

What to eat: 

  • Cinnamon roll
  • French dough with vanilla cream filling
  • Bagels
  • Tortillas
by Tripadvisor


Low Price & High Quality – Where to eat in Budapest

If you are looking for a classy, expensive and elegant restaurant to try, you are in the wrong place. The choices in Budapest are endless, with restaurants and cuisines from all over the world and for all budgets.

What you will find here are the best places in Budapest for lunch and dinner based on low price and good quality at the same time.


1. Lucky 7 Burgers & More

The BEST burger you will have. It is flavorful and light. The burgers are made with high-quality beef and their homemade buns and ranch sauce are to die for.

Location: Piarista utca 1.Budapest 1052, Hungary

Price:   (approximately 10 euros per menu, including burger, side & drink)

What to try: Duck burger, Ceasar salad, Ranch sauce


2. Istanbul Kebab & Grill

A delicious Turkish restaurant, which also has delicious homemade foods. Very fast service and tasty food.

Location: Akacfa utca 5Budapest 1072, Hungary

Price: (2.30€ or 700 HUF  for Gyros pita)

What to try: Gyros pita, Baklava


3. Vapiano

A pretty usual food place for Europeans. BUT, for some reason, this branch of Vapiano is not only fast but delicious. Everything is cooked much faster and for some reason, they taste even better.

Location: Vaci ut 1-3 | West End CenterBudapest, Hungary

Price:  (20€ or 6200 HUF for 2 pasta, 1 salad & 1 pizza)

What to try: One of everything (one pasta, one pizza, one salad)


4. Meatology Budapest

Welcome to our exception. If you want gourmet dishes at a very low price, this is where you go. 2 brothers with many years of experience as chefs, team up in the heart of Budapest to create tastes that will explode in your mouth.

Location: Bajcsy-Zsilinszky utca 15/BBudapest 1065, Hungary

Price:  (12€ or 3600 HUF for 1 burger & 1 salad)

What to try: Ceasar salad, Sticky pork belly sandwich, Meatology burger

by Restu.hu

5. Local Korner

Pizza lovers, time to design your own pizza. Exactly the way you want it with any topping you desire.

Location: Szondi utca 19/ABudapest 1067, Hungary

Price:  (8€ or 2590 HUF for a 42cm pizza with cheese & 5 toppings)

What to try: Honestly, anything you want. Time to experiment


6. Hummusbar

Who doesn’t love a great hummus place, especially when it is ideal for vegetarians? With more than 14 restaurants all around Budapest, Hummusbar is here to travel you with its exquisite flavours. What makes it even greater, is that also has a delivery service for those lazy days.

Location: Oktober 6 St. 19Budapest 1051, Hungary

Price:  (7€ or 2000 HUF for a falafel & hummus plate)

What to try: Falafel, Hummus tahini, laffa wrap

by TripAdvisor

7. Soul Food

Jambalaya and Gumbo. What more do you want? Soul food that fills your soul with happiness.

Location: Kazinczy utca 32.Budapest 1075, Hungary

Price:  (12€ or 4000 HUF for Jambalaya & a burger)

What to try: Kreol burger, Jambalaya, Sweet potato bawl Aioli


8. Panineria

Any kind of sandwich you choose, will for sure be fresh and delicious.

Location: Oktogon 4Budapest 1067, Hungary

Price:  (12€ or 4000 HUF for 2 sandwiches)

What to try: Philly Cheese Steak, Caprese, Paprica Chichen

by TripAdvisor

9. Gyros Kerkyra Elterbar

A taste of Greece, right here in Budapest. The food is simply delicious and fairly cheap.

Location: Eotvos Utca | 5Budapest 1067, Hungary

Price:  (3€ or 923 HUF for 1 gyro with pita)

What to try: Gyros pita, souvlaki, tzatziki


10. Pizzica

Whether you want a good and whole pizza or just a slice, make sure to stop by Pizzica.

Location: Nagymezo utca 21Budapest 1065, Hungary

Price:  (1.60€ or 490 HUF for 1 pizza premium)

What to try: Proscuitto and potato in your pizzas


Where to go for Breakfast in Budapest

You have decided to travel to Budapest for a few days, but your hotel does not provide breakfast, the most important meal of the day.

Thankfully, you are visiting a city where breakfast is praised and loved., with many choices in every part of the city. Below you can find the most popular and tasty places to enjoy your breakfast.

Keep in mind that each place is different and not all of them have the basic traditional breakfast you would expect. Some are for donat lovers or kurtoskalacs explorers.


Definitely one of the best choices for breakfast. You can choose something healthy and nutritious or something super tasty but not really healthy. The sausage rolls are just delicious. But the secret recipe for their cinnamon rolls is out of this world. By far the best one I have ever had.

Locations: Kertész u. 50, 1073 Ungarn

Teréz krt. 62, 1066 Ungarn


2. Vinyl & Wood – Get Lost in Wonderland

Besides the great coffee and breakfast, what makes this place unique is the fact that you can have a coffee and eat WHILE shopping. Yes, shopping from a great selection of watches, sunglasses, wallet, backpacks, jewellery and socks.

Location: Wesselényi u. 23, 1077 Ungarn



Pancakes and eggs Benedict. Great coffee and croissants. A great place for your breakfast. You will not be disappointed, since everything is simply delicious. But you might have trouble finding a table.

Location: Dob u. 46/a, 1072 Ungarn

by TripAdvisor

4. The Donut Library

Although it is a very small store, it is truly beautiful. The moment you enter and see these colourful donuts, you know you will want to taste each and every one of them. Besides being delicious, they have some pretty unique fillings.

Locations: Károly krt. 7, 1075 Ungarn

Karinthy Frigyes út 18, 1111 Ungarn

Pozsonyi út 22, 1137 Ungarn



5. Inez Bagel Shop

When you pass by a bagel store and you catch yourself staring at them and drooling from inside, you know this is the one bagel you have to try ASAP.

Location: Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 40, 1054 Ungarn

by happycow.net

6. 9Bar

A beautifully decorated coffee spot with great options in pastries and good coffee. Try the egg basket with ham and the sausage croissant.

Location: Lázár u. 5, 1065 Ungarn


7. Molnar´s Kurtoskalacs

Kurtoskalacs is a traditional cylindrical sweet-cake made from sweet yeast-down. You can find it rolled in different tastes, such as sugar, cocoa, almonds, cinnamon and more. Molnar only offers kurtoskalacs for breakfast, but is it worth trying it.

Location: Váci u. 31, 1052 Ungarn



8. London Coffee Society

An adorable coffee place with a true Londoner´s style. For breakfast, you can have anything your heart desires, such as all types of eggs (poached, fried, scrambled), roasted beetroot puree with avocado and smoked salmon and vegan hummus.

Location: Dohány u. 27, 1074 Ungarn

by TripAdvisor

9. Le Petit Bistro

Hands down, the most adorable coffee place I have ever seen. The moment you pass by, it caught your eye and you get the strongest feeling of being in France.

Location: Hajós u. 26/b, 1065 Ungarn


10. Any bakery

The city is filled with bakeries pretty much in every corner. They usually have a lot of options between pastries, types of bread and desserts.

Nuremberg’s Volksfest

Nuremberg’s Volksfest takes place in  Dutzendteich, also known as the Nazi Party Rally Grounds. It happens twice per year, usually in September and April and lasts for about 2 weeks. Volksfest is basically a fun fair- food festival.

Volksfest is the People’s Festival, with 100,000 square meters of attractions, food trucks and beer stands. There is little something for everyone, children, adults and elderly. You can eat the quite big Nurnberger sausages, try langos with minced meat and cheese or grab snacks (fries, crepes, sweet corn).

It is one of the few regular events happening in Nuremberg. Since it is a small city, each event or festival turns into something big. It is the perfect fair to visit during a weekend with both friends and family. You can easily spend almost a whole day there and if you happen to get bored, you can always walk around the lake of Dutzendteich.

***  Tip: Every Wednesday, all rides are half-price ***