5 Free apps to use for your next trip

We all have our mobile phones attached to our hands. We use apps on a daily basis for almost anything. When it comes to travelling, our lives simply get much easier if we use the right apps.

We often find ourselves struggling with Google Maps and being in the middle of nowhere trying to figure out where to go next or where to go for lunch.

After doing some research on a personal level, I present to you the 5 free apps that will help you organise your next trip and help you explore any destination.


Visit A City

In this app, I found what I was looking for. A place where I can add all the sights I want to visit on my next trip and create a timeline of the best route and order starting from my hotel. Choose the city you want to visit and go to my plans. Choose the days you wish to stay and customize the plan the way you want.


Volo – Your Travel Journal

If you love organising your trips and keep your memories in one place, while sharing it with others, then check out this app. While keeping a detailed itinerary of your travels, you can check what other travellers did on the same destination.


PackPoint travel packing list

For those organisation freaks, PackPoint is the app for you. You have everything you will need for your trip in an app, so you never forget a thing. It is useful for organising yourself to get everything you might need, but also for not forgetting things on your way back.



The most winning-award app for transportation. Accurate and easy to use. The only negative is that it cannot be used in many cities yet. Among a few more, you can use it when visiting London, Tokyo,  Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Milan, Barcelona, New York, Los Angeles and Mexico.


World Around Me

Probably one of the best apps you will need during your trip, especially if you visit a new place. First of all, you need to add the city you are in or simply open your GPS.

After the app finding your current location, you can choose from the categories what it is you are looking for, such as restaurants, bars, banks, ATMs, parks, museums, art galleries, petrol stations, hotels, all means of transportation, doctors, hospitals as well as churches and shopping malls.

Once you have selected what you want to find, hold your camera at eye level and the choices around you will pop up.