5 Affordable Michelin restaurants in Paris

When in Paris, besides embracing the beautiful vibe of the city, you also need to explore the cuisine. There is no better destination to make your palate explode. with unique flavours.

Of course, gourmet food, especially Michelin restaurants are usually out of touch for most. However, in Paris, you can find some of the most affordable ones.

Keep in mind that it might take a while to make a reservation in all of them. It would be best if you book 3 weeks before.


1. Auguste

Gaël Orieux, the chef that loves the sea and creates unique flavours yet simple. The menu is created depending on the season so that all produce is fresh.

You can either order separate dishes for a price of approximately 50 euros per dish or try the menus. The most affordable menu starts at a price of 37 euros per person, the next is 88 euros per person and the last one 154 euros per person.

If the price seems to be too much, it really is not. With 37 euros you get the unique opportunity to taste some incredibly delicious dishes and introduce yourself to the wonders of gourmet cuisine.


2. L’Agapé

The 34-year-old Yoshitaka Takayanagi has created a sublime menu. Dishes can be ordered separately or as a menu, with the least expensive being a 4-course menu at the price of 52 euros per person.

The presentation and taste of each dish fully represents the chef and his identity. The excellent service, the flavorful food and the beautiful decor will sure make this experience special and one you will remember.


3. Septime

One of the most popular Michelin restaurants in Paris. In 2012, Chef Bertrand Grébaut opened Septime and since then, each season he cooks stunning and delicious menus.

The lunch tasting is a 4-course menu with the main course of your choice for a price of 42 euros per person, while the dinner menu is a 7-course menu for 80 euros.

The chef´s delicate and dynamic cooking is reflected in each dish, bringing French modern cuisine to another level.


4. Les Fables de La Fontaine

The first impression you get when you enter Les Fables de La Fontaine is that it is a very stylish and with character restaurant. More than that, it is currently one of the most famous places to eat seafood and fish.

The truly low prices, make it an accessible and affordable restaurant to many. David Bottreau, the restaurant´s chef, has created a sensational lunch menu at the price of 28 euros per person.

If you want to explore the menu explode your palate with incredible flavours, then you can also try more dishes from the menu, since the prices are more than reasonable.


5. Saturne table.cave

If you value simplicity yet good quality, then Saturne is the place for you. Chef Sven Chartier and sommelier Ewen Le Moigne have created an amazing lunch and dinner menu with interesting wine pairings.

The 3-course lunch costs 45 euros per person and the 6-course dinner 85 euros. The menu is made with organic products and natural wines. The element of surprise and excitement is hidden in the fact that you do not know the menu beforehand. But that is not a problem. Presentation and taste are always impeccable.




The 7 Cheapest destinations for your summer vacation

The time has come when you start thinking about your summer vacation. Your days off from work might be set, but you still find it difficult to find a nice and affordable getaway.

Keep on reading to find out which are the best European destinations that will not break the bank. Instead, you will end up having a great time while spending less money.


1. Zante, Greece

When you are about to visit any island in Greece, you know it is bound to be an amazing vacation, with a daily cost of 50 euros. If you choose to visit Zante, prepare yourself for a crazy nightlife. The island is perfect for party animals that want to let loose until the morning.

As for the food, Greece is generally known for its top-notch and delicious cuisine, from gyros to fresh fish and produce. So, the local cuisine is to die for. Most importantly the crystal clear waters, the mesmerizing blue caves and the legendary Navagio Beach, make it the number one cheapest summer destination in Europe.



2. Ibiza, Spain

Oh yes!! Ibiza may sound tropical and expensive, but the truth is that it is one of the cheapest places you can visit. If you manage to book your trip early and find cheap accommodation and flight, then you are set.

Ibiza is a party city with more than 3 million tourists visiting each summer. Approximately you might spend less than 60 euros per day, depending on where you eat and how much you eat.



3. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

With spending less than 50 euros per person for a day, Sunny Beach is one of the cheapest destinations in Europe for your summer vacations. Accommodation is so cheap that you can find a room for 25-30 euros per night, even in August, which is known to be the most expensive month when it comes to vacations.

Besides the good hotels, be sure to try the tasty local food, experience the intense nightlife and the beautiful scenery.

by Booking.com


4. Algarve, Portugal

One of the best choices for your summer vacation. Lisbon combines natural beauty, history and good food with affordable accommodation and flights. What makes it even better is the fact that the city is very close to some stunning beaches.

With a great and vibrant nightlife, Lisbon is the place to be. With approximately 70 euros per day, you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest.



5. Malta 

Probably the most famous island in the Mediterranean Sea and a very popular summer and European destination with an average daily cost of 80 euros. The warm climate, the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the intense nightlife, makes everyone want to visit.

It is the place for you if you want to visit the oldest temples in the world, the Popeye Village and the cleanest beaches in Europe. A big plus is the fact that almost everyone speaks English.



6. Zadar, Croatia

The ‘entertainment centre of the Adriatic’, was voted as the Best European Destination in 2006. Why? Because it offers exquisite beaches and sunsets, tasty food and breathtaking locations for day trips outside the city.

Most importantly, it is an ideal destination to relax while enjoying a new city with a daily budget of 60 euros. Depending on what your style of entertainment is, you can either explore the Croatian cuisine or simply join the music festivals, which happen constantly in the city.



7. Majorca, Spain

When the summer comes, everybody has thought of going to Majorca. An incredibly affordable destination with an exotic name, that makes everyone want to go. With the low budget airlines, the tickets are usually very cheap, especially when booked a few months before.

The beaches, the views and the nightlife make it a top destination, especially when you take into consideration that you will spend about 65 euros per day.