Airbnb – Safe or Risky?

Unfortunately lately you will hear a lot of horror stories regarding people who rent their own house or people who rent someone else’s apartment.

The truth is that Airbnb does not make background checks on anyone that wants to rent their space. So it is completely up to you, to find the right one and base your decision on your own criteria, including other people’s views.


Generally speaking, renting an Airbnb apartment CAN be safe, if you search carefully and go with renters with a lot of reviews and ID Verification. However, always try to be careful and expect the unexpected.

There are definitely ways to make sure you are safe.

1. Letting others know where you will be staying

Give to family or friends all the contact info of the place you will be staying at, such as contact name and number and address.

2. Online Check

Do not only rely on reviews on the Airbnb site. Instead, try to google the renter’s name in case you can find additional information.

3. Contact past renters

If you cannot do this through the site, ask your renter for this information. If they have nothing to hide, there is no reason why they will not give it to you.

4. Emergency Numbers

Before travelling to a new city, make sure you have all the emergency info of the city, such as ambulances, police, fire department.


5 items you Must Not touch in a hotel room

When you travel and you arrive at your hotel, you expect everything to be clean and pretty much perfect. Or at least to look decent. But you can never know how truly clean a hotel room is unless you have cleaned it yourself.

The truth is that hotels rooms are not really clean. If you have high cleaning standards like me, then you will definitely be disappointed. Cleaning services cannot spend over a specific amount of time in each hotel room (30 minutes). So, they clean only what the eye catches. There were so many times that I found hair in the bathroom or stained sheets. Just know you have every right to ask for someone to clean your room again.

No matter what, there are always some things that are filthy and full of bacteria since they are probably never cleaned.

1.Remote Control: Imagine thousands of people before you going to the bathroom without washing their hands and then touching the TV remote control. Or touching anything before the remote. Statistically, the TV control has one of the highest contamination percentages of bacteria and possible infections, such as E-coli, than anything else in the room.


2. Bedside Lamp Switch: Same as the remote, it is a room item that everybody will touch during their stay. It has way less bacteria since they have probably been transferred to the remote.



3. Door knobs: Bathroom door knob? That was your first thought, right? Nope. Actually, the bathroom door knob is the safest one to touch. When people usually come out of the bathroom, they have either washed their hands or had a bath. All the other door knobs, however, have NEVER been cleaned before. Although they may not look dirty, they really are filthy.


4. Glasses and coffee cups: It has been found that maids, only rinse the glasses and cups and put them back to their place. They might be washed once per week or month. Definitely making it the most disgusting item in a hotel room. I personally never use them. Just the thought of not having been changed makes me nauseous.


5. Floor: By far, the dirtiest part of your hotel room. What happens is that the maids have one cleaning mop for all the rooms. So basically, without knowing it, she transfers bacteria from one room to another. Your room floor will never be clean, since it has all the dirt from all the other rooms in the hotel.


What to do:

1.Use antiseptic wipes for the door knobs and remote. Many say it is better to wrap the remote in a plastic bag and use it without touching it at all.

2. Do not use any glass, plate or cup in the room. Bring your own bottles of water and order your coffee from the hotel bar.

3. Always have slippers with you in order to walk on the floor or even better shower with them. The best choice would be an extremely cheap pair of slippers (1-2 euros) that you can use once and then throw them out.

5 Accommodation Choices for your trips

All travellers are unique and they want different things from a trip. Some seek for adventure in Ireland’s Cliffs of Moher, while others want a relaxing weekend in an Italian winery. No matter what kind of traveller you are, you will need a place to stay. From great deals on luxurious hotels to camping, you need to find what works for you and your budget.

1. Try Couchsurf

Couchsurfing has been becoming more and more popular, especially for those who travel alone or find hotels a waste of money. Couchsurfing is free. All you have to do is make an online profile by adding as many information as possible about yourself (for safety issues) and then contact possible ‘renters’ to impress them and seal the deal.


2. Worldpackers for longer trips

Worldpackers is probably the most interesting kind of accommodation. I came across the website by accident and I found it a great opportunity for people who want to travel from 2 weeks and more. What makes it special is that you stay anywhere for free, in exchange for work. For example, you may be asked to work 3 days per week for 5 hours each day. By doing so, you pay for your accommodation by working, you gain experience and you are left with lots of time to explore the city.

by YouTube

3. Flight & Hotel Deals

Choose any accommodation booking site you wish (ex. Expedia). Most of them will have an option for booking your flight and hotel together in an offer. Trust me!! They are good offers. Having tried multiple times, I have realised that trying to book a flight and hotel separately, takes a lot of time, organisation and I will definitely end up spending more.

by Knossos Beach

4. Airbnb

One of the most growing communities lately. Even though there have been some problems between all parties, it still remains one of the best ways to find either cheap or luxurious accommodation. You can find the cheapest place in Barcelona, but you can also book a villa for one night.

by Airbnb


5. Hostels

All time classic!!! Hostels never seem to disappoint. They are cheap and a great way to meet other people, especially if you are travelling alone. Make sure to always read the reviews before booking a hostel, since there are many with awful living conditions.