Fairytale Wedding In Castle Neuburg

2 months ago, I went to Ulm for one of my best friend’s weddings. I had never heard of this German city before, but soon I found out it is quite small. However, its beauty cannot go by unnoticed.

Our first stop was at Schloss Neuburg, one hour outside Ulm. That would be the wedding’s venue and we decided to go earlier, in order to reunite with friends we had not seen in a while. The moment we got off the train, I instantly got a warm and very familiar feeling. The nature around me was breathtaking. Lakes, with huge trees and all kinds of flowers. 20160814_122029.jpg

And then we arrived at this beautiful castle. For hours, we hang out with friends, drinking champagne and eating pizza (we are probably the only ones who can pull off this combination), laughing and getting ready for the wedding.

Schloss Neuburg


Everything was perfectly organised. The smallest detail was carefully thought. From the decorations to the thank-you gift bags waiting for each guest back to their hotel.


The ceremony was romantic, beautiful and intimate. Close family members and good friends, partying until the morning. When you have an amazing time, usually the time passes by quite fast. But we would meet again the next day, for a lunch and a tour of Ulm.

During the tour, our guide mentioned some very interesting facts about the sights. They all had such a great history since Ulm is one of the oldest towns in Germany. Even though the city is quite small, it is perfect for nature lovers. You will see people sitting by the river with their friends, bicycles everywhere and simply happy people.


What I found the most fascinating, is that when you are from one side of the river you are in Bavaria (New Ulm), but if you are on the other side, then you are in Baden-Württemberg (Old Ulm).


Honestly, it was an amazing experience and I had so much fun. I would not recommend visiting the castle unless you have to attend an event there. As for Ulm, if you ever happen to pass by, stop for a quick coffee and admire your surroundings.