5 Ways To Afford Travelling


Travelling now is not the easiest thing especially for those who live in countries where the economic crisis stroke for good. However, it is not impossible, if you are willing to make a few changes.

1. Piggy bank

Purchase a piggy bag that DOES NOT open from the bottom and choose a specific amount of money you will put in every day or week. Add two euros per day and in 10 months you will easily have gathered 600 euros. But do not be tempted to touch them before that.

2. Low-cost flights

If you are lucky enough to live in Europe, then you definitely know the biggest low-cost airlines, such as Ryanair, EasyJet, Transavia, Germanwings etc. If you can, try to book your tickets on dates with the lowest costs (usually Tuesday to Thursday). However, you should be prepared to only travel with a carry-on to avoid extra charges.

3. Travel off-season

Travelling in Greece, Italy or Croatia during July and August can really burden your budget. The flights are expensive and so are the hotels. Instead, try to visit in June or late August to September. But if your dates are fixed, try another country.

4. Hotel Horror

If possible try to book your hotel several months, since only then will you able to find the best offers and lower prices. It is very difficult to find a great hotel room at a low price, close to the city centre and with breakfast included. Therefore you have to choose what is more important for you. The best choice would be to choose a room close to the city centre so that you cut on transportation costs. Having a nice room is not so important since you will hopefully not spend so much time in there. Check HotelsCombined to find exactly what it is you are looking for or Airbnb.

5. Trains

If you currently live in Europe, using the cross-country rail systems might cut your costs even more. Check the Interrail passes if you want to tour a whole country within  few days, or the Eurail Passes if you a non-European citizen


15 Flight Booking Tips you should always use

1.Incognito mode: First things first. Always use incognito mode. When not in incognito mode, your browser keeps all your previous searches and preferences. When you keep searching for a specific destination, the prices seem to be increasing. That is the website or airline’s way to scare you into booking right now.

2. Check Everything: Let’s say you find a good deal in airtickets.com for your flight to Milan with AirBerlin. Just to make sure, check the same ticket through the official page of AirBerlin. Most of the times, you will get the same price, but sometimes you might find a cheaper one.

3. Flexibility in Dates: It would be great if you could be as flexible as possible with your travel dates. Then you can play with the dates and find the cheapest tickets. However, I understand flexibility is not an option most of the time. In that case, search for tickets before applying for your days off from work.


4. Flexibility in Destinations: This option is great for those who simply want to travel somewhere, without having a specific destination. All you have to do is go in websites, like Ryanair (Plan – Fare Finder). Just type where you are flying from and your budget. You will get all the possible destinations with dates and prices from cheapest to most expensive. Another good website for that purpose is Kiwi.


5. Last-minute deals: Nope. Do not wait for them. They are not really last-minute. They just want you to think they are. If you know your dates and destination, then book your flight as soon as possible.

6. Check other currencies or countries: Websites that operate in many countries, will also have different currencies. If you have the time go through as many as possible. It may be more beneficial to book in another currency or through another country. For example, when I wanted to travel to London, I paid through the Greek version of the airtickets website, rather than the German one for a difference of 10 euros.

7. Midweek Searches: The slowest days for booking flights are between Tuesday and Thursday. People usually decide for a trip during the weekend and that is when they look for tickets, when the prices are the highest. Airlines have sales or various offers, during these 3 slow booking days. So, take advantage of them. Be careful: Prices are lowest for all flights if you BOOK them during Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. But the cheapest days to travel are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.

8. Always Book Return: It is nota secret that booking a go-and-return flight, will save you a lot of money. And I mean a lot.

9. Book a package: Sites like Expedia, offer great deals on travel packages. You book your hotel and flight for 1 or 2/3 of the price you would pay if you booked them separately. For my summer holidays, I made the mistake to book everything separately. As a result, I paid 400 euros more.


10. One at a time: When booking for more than 1 person it is best to look for tickets one at a time. There might be a sale or offer and 1 seat available. So, one person might book the ticket for 50 euros and the next ones for 70 euros.

11. Off-Season: Try to fly off-season to each destination. You will find the cheapest tickets and enjoy the country more, since there will not be as many tourists. For example, Greece is best to visit from May-September. Try to visit in April or October. The weather will still be nice and you will get the best our of your trip.

12. First and Last Flight: Almost always, especially when you have to do with low-budget airlines, the first and the last flights of the day are by far the cheapest.

13. Six Weeks Ahead: The ideal period to book your flight is six weeks before. 1,5 month prior to your trip is the perfect combination for finding cheap flights and arranging your dates and destinations if it is not set.

14. Holidays: Do not be afraid to travel on the dates of the actual holidays. For example, If you travel on the 25th or 31st of December, you will most definitely find the most affordable tickets. You may be a bit late for the family gathering, but compared to the days prior or after these days, you will pay close to nothing.

15. Social Media: Most traveling sites along with airlines, will post to their social media accounts offers and sales that last for a few hours or are available for the first few customers. So, follow them, turn on the notifications and choose to be alerted by email, because you do not want to miss these deals.



5 Ways to spend less on a trip

Happy New Year Everyone!!

2017 has just begun and a lot of you have already made your resolutions for the year. Most people decide to try and travel more at the beginning of each year,  but by the end of the year, they haven’t successfully done that due to limited budgets.

Let’s assume decide to travel. You have found the perfect destination and tickets at really good prices. But you do not want to spend a lot on your actual trip, plus you wish to get the best deal possible for a hotel.. Is this possible?

Kind of. In my opinion, once you decide to travel, you need to fully enjoy it but NOT overspend. However, if your budget is low or you simply wish to spend as little as possible, take a peek on some pretty basic tips.


Most money on vacation is being spent on food because everybody needs to eat. At least 3 times per day. Try to book a hotel with breakfast included. If not, try to find bakeries around for your breakfast. For lunch definitely skip restaurants, unless you actually want to go to one. Instead, take advantage of the fridge (if your hotel room or rented apartment have one) and fill it with types of quick-to-make food, such as salad, fruits, biscuits etc.. If that is not an option for you or simply not enough to fill your hungry stomach, choose fast or street foods. Street foods make a great option since besides being tasty most often represent the city’s traditional cuisine. However, if you stay more than 2 days, it will be almost impossible to not visit a restaurant for a normal meal.

Grilled meatballs with yoghurt


Try to book your hotel a few months in advance so you can get a cheap hotel close to the city centre. By doing that, you will minimise your transportation costs to almost zero, since you will not have to use the metro or tram to go sightseeing. If you do not manage to find a cheap hotel in the centre, make a plan of the places you want to visit and see the transportation prices. Maybe is more worth it getting a day ticket.



The biggest amount of money on your trip will be spent on the hotel. Try to get a great deal (yes, it is very possible) by booking one close to the city centre, preferably with breakfast and low price. This is a perfect combination and in most cases might be worth it to spend more money on your hotel than anything else. By doing so, you will save money on one important meal (breakfast) and have no transportation costs. Of course, another option is to go with an Airbnb apartment. But be aware that is not always the best choice. It may end up costing more than a hotel.



Paying for more sightseeing is often not worth it. For example, if you need to pay 20 euros to get on top of a church to see the view. You go up, say ‘WOW, that’s gorgeous’, take a few pictures for your Social Media and leave. Most cities offer free access to museums and other landmarks, such as the National History Museum in London.

Ulm public library


Of course, you want to buy a small souvenir to always remember your trip. But they can b quite pricey. What you can do is to avoid buying them from touristy areas, where popular sights are located and large groups of tourists are always there. Instead, try to find local small stores or even supermarkets for way cheaper souvenirs.


5 Accommodation Choices for your trips

All travellers are unique and they want different things from a trip. Some seek for adventure in Ireland’s Cliffs of Moher, while others want a relaxing weekend in an Italian winery. No matter what kind of traveller you are, you will need a place to stay. From great deals on luxurious hotels to camping, you need to find what works for you and your budget.

1. Try Couchsurf

Couchsurfing has been becoming more and more popular, especially for those who travel alone or find hotels a waste of money. Couchsurfing is free. All you have to do is make an online profile by adding as many information as possible about yourself (for safety issues) and then contact possible ‘renters’ to impress them and seal the deal.

by Gapyear.com

2. Worldpackers for longer trips

Worldpackers is probably the most interesting kind of accommodation. I came across the website by accident and I found it a great opportunity for people who want to travel from 2 weeks and more. What makes it special is that you stay anywhere for free, in exchange for work. For example, you may be asked to work 3 days per week for 5 hours each day. By doing so, you pay for your accommodation by working, you gain experience and you are left with lots of time to explore the city.

by YouTube


3. Flight & Hotel Deals

Choose any accommodation booking site you wish (ex. Expedia). Most of them will have an option for booking your flight and hotel together in an offer. Trust me!! They are good offers. Having tried multiple times, I have realised that trying to book a flight and hotel separately, takes a lot of time, organisation and I will definitely end up spending more.

by Knossos Beach

4. Airbnb

One of the most growing communities lately. Even though there have been some problems between all parties, it still remains one of the best ways to find either cheap or luxurious accommodation. You can find the cheapest place in Barcelona, but you can also book a villa for one night.

by Airbnb


5. Hostels

All time classic!!! Hostels never seem to disappoint. They are cheap and a great way to meet other people, especially if you are travelling alone. Make sure to always read the reviews before booking a hostel, since there are many with awful living conditions.


by hihostels.com

3 Ways To Make Money While Travelling

Travelling is what people desire most nowadays. But of course, you need to work a little in order to afford these trips. What if there was a way to also make money while travelling?

To be honest, there are a lot of ways, but I will present you the most efficient and realistic ones, besides becoming a flight attendant.

1. Photography

If you have a high-resolution professional camera, then take advantage of it. Publish your pictures in known sites that buy professional photographs, send them to travel agencies, or newspapers and magazines that might want them.

2. Teaching English

The language that everyone speaks and everyone wants to speak. In Korea for example, you will earn a lot of money for teaching English. In Spain, you will not make as much, but in both cases, you can make your own schedule and travel in your spare time.

3. Tour Guide

When you are in a city you know very well, pick a spot along with other tour guides and offer your services at lower prices than the competition. If you sell it correctly, people will follow you for a fee.

5 Things To Know For Every Trip

You have decided your next destination and booked everything. Now you are ready to go. Actually, not yet. You need to take care of a few things before you travel.

1.Learn a few local words

Words like entschuldigung (sorry in German), euxaristo (thank you in Greek), Buon Giorno (goodmorning in Italian), or hola (hi in Spanish) will always be appreciated by the locals. Especially in some German cities in Bavaria, you will not find many people who speak English, so it’s good to know a few basics.


Always check the currency before you visit a new country. Find out if you will benefit from exchanging money in your country or in the one you visit. Also, check with your banks (if you have many), to see in which one a transaction like that will benefit you most. Remember that currency rates change quite often, so be sure to get the best deal.

3.Walk or bike to explore

The best thing you can do is stay close to the city centre of the city you visit. That will minimise your transportation costs and in the process, you will get to see some amazing places, you definitely wouldn’t if you used the metro.

4.Order local specialities

When visiting a restaurant, try the local food. First, you will try this culture’s food and second you will pay way less money. Besides, if you visit a new country and you keep on only eating from well known fast food chains or you always order chicken, then you miss the point of experiencing in whole a city’s identity.

5.Leave the tourist zone

Of course, at first you will visit all the known sights, but after that, try to get away from the tourist zone. It will be less crowded, less expensive and with beautiful cultural sights and buildings as well.