5 Ways to Save Money for Travelling

Travelling is always great and refreshing, but not always the easiest thing to do, especially for those who live in countries where the economic crisis stroke for good. However, it is not impossible, if you are willing to make a few changes in your everyday life. Cut some other costs while saving more, or even find alternative ways to spend less while booking or during your trip.

1. Research & Budget


Try creating a budget for your next trip. Let´s say you plan on visiting Berlin and you are willing to spend 50 euros per day. So for 4 days, you plan on spending 200 euros. Add an extra 50 or 100, if possible, just to be safe in case extra costs occur. Knowing your budget as soon as possible will help you save more and manage your costs even better.

After that or before determining your budget, try researching more about your future trip. For example, if you wish to visit some museums, find the ticket prices, or search for cheaper food choices, while delicious at the same time. Tripadvisor.com is a great tool to get all the information you want for sights and food.

2. Cut Costs & Save More


Depending on the kind of trip you want, you need to manage your finances. Try cutting unnecessary costs, such as eating out or shopping. Purchase a piggy bag that DOES NOT open from the bottom and chooses a specific amount of money you will put in every day or week. Add two euros per day and in 10 months you will easily have gathered 600 euros. But do not be tempted to touch them before that.

3. Low-cost flights


If you are lucky enough to live in Europe, then you definitely know the biggest low-cost airlines, such as Ryanair, EasyJet, Transavia, Germanwings etc. If you can, try to book your tickets on dates with the lowest costs (usually Tuesday to Thursday). However, you should be prepared to only travel with a carry-on to avoid extra charges. If you just want to travel somewhere with no specific destination in mind, use the airlines´websites to find the cheapest tickets for any destination.

4. Travel off-season


Travelling in Greece, Italy or Croatia during July and August can really burden your budget. The flights are expensive and so are the hotels. Instead, try to visit in June or late August to September. But if your dates are fixed and your destination not set, then you can find the cheapest trips. Of course, if you book your trip as soon as possible, even 5 or 6 months before, you may get the best deals.

5. Find the best accommodation deals


If possible try to book your hotel for several months, since only then will you able to find the best offers and lower prices. It is very difficult to find a great hotel room at a low price, close to the city centre and with breakfast included. Therefore you have to choose what is more important for you. The best choice would be to choose a room close to the city centre so that you cut on transportation costs. Having a nice room is not so important since you will hopefully not spend so much time in there. Check HotelsCombined to find exactly what it is you are looking for or Airbnb.


5 Accommodation Choices for your trips

All travellers are unique and they want different things from a trip. Some seek adventure in Ireland’s Cliffs of Moher, while others want a relaxing weekend in an Italian winery. No matter what kind of traveller you are, you will need a place to stay. From great deals on luxurious hotels to camping, you need to find what works for you and your budget.

1. Try Couchsurf


Couchsurfing has been becoming more and more popular, especially for those who travel alone or find hotels a waste of money. Couchsurfing is free. All you have to do is make an online profile by adding as many information as possible about yourself (for safety issues) and then contact possible ‘renters’ to impress them and seal the deal.

2. Worldpackers for longer trips


Worldpackers is probably the most interesting kind of accommodation. I came across the website by accident and I found it a great opportunity for people who want to travel from 2 weeks and more. What makes it special is that you stay anywhere for free, in exchange for work. For example, you may be asked to work 3 days per week for 5 hours each day. By doing so, you pay for your accommodation by working, you gain experience and you are left with lots of time to explore the city.

3. Flight & Hotel Deals


Choose any accommodation booking site you wish (ex. Expedia). Most of them will have an option for booking your flight and hotel together in an offer. Trust me!! They are good offers. Having tried multiple times, I have realised that trying to book a flight and hotel separately, takes a lot of time, organisation and I will definitely end up spending more.

4. Airbnb


One of the most growing communities lately. Even though there have been some problems between all parties, it still remains one of the best ways to find either cheap or luxurious accommodation. You can find the cheapest place in Barcelona, but you can also book a villa for one night.

5. Hostels


All time classic!!! Hostels never seem to disappoint. They are cheap and a great way to meet other people, especially if you are travelling alone. Make sure to always read the reviews before booking a hostel, since there are many with awful living conditions.

10 Cheap & Great Destinations for your Summer Vacation in Europe

The time has come when you start thinking about your summer vacation. Your days off from work might be set, but you still find it difficult to find a nice and affordable getaway. Europe, of course, is filled with idyllic islands and majestic seasides that everyone must at least visit once.

We have gathered for you the best European destinations based on location, scenery, and price because no one wants to break the bank for a small getaway. Instead, you will end up having a great time while spending less money.

1. Zante, Greece

When you are about to visit any island in Greece, you know it is bound to be an amazing vacation. If you choose to visit Zante, prepare yourself for a crazy nightlife. The island is perfect for party animals that want to let loose until the morning with a daily cost of 50 euros

As for the food, Greece is generally known for its top-notch and delicious cuisine, from gyros to fresh fish and produce. So, the local cuisine is to die for. Most importantly the crystal clear waters, the mesmerizing blue caves and the legendary Navagio Beach, make it the number one cheapest summer destination in Europe.

2. Ibiza, Spain

Oh yes!! Ibiza may sound tropical and expensive, but the truth is that it is one of the cheapest places you can visit. If you manage to book your trip early and find cheap accommodation and flight, then you are set.

Ibiza is a party city with more than 3 million tourists visiting each summer. Approximately you might spend less than 60 euros per day, depending on where you eat and how much you eat.

3. Chalkidiki, Greece

The hidden gem of Northern Greece. The ones that have visited Halkidki or Chalkidiki, only think about going back. Divided into 3 parts, Chalkidiki offers some of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches with great food.

The first leg has some nice beaches and more affordable prices, while the second one has way more beautiful beaches but is a bit pricey. The third leg is Agio Oros, a monastery with access to only men.

4. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

aerial photo of white boat

With spending less than 30 euros per person for a day, Sunny Beach is one of the cheapest destinations in Europe for your summer vacations. Accommodation is so cheap that you can find a room for 25-30 euros per night, even in August, which is known to be the most expensive month when it comes to vacations.

Besides the good hotels, be sure to try the tasty local food, experience the intense nightlife and the beautiful scenery.

5. Algarve, Portugal

One of the best choices for your summer vacation. Algarve, Lagos or Albufeira combines natural beauty, history and good food with affordable accommodation and flights. What makes it even better is the fact that the city is very close to some stunning beaches.

With great and vibrant nightlife, Lisbon is the place to be. With approximately 60 euros per day, you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

6. Corfu, Greece

aerial photo of white yacht moving on clear body of water at daytime

The second biggest Ionian island with thousands of visitors every summer and a very important Greek historical island. With a daily cost of 50 euros

7. Malta 

Probably the most famous island in the Mediterranean Sea and a very popular summer and European destination with an average daily cost of 80 euros. The warm climate, the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the intense nightlife, makes everyone want to visit.

It is the place for you if you want to visit the oldest temples in the world, the Popeye Village and the cleanest beaches in Europe. A big plus is the fact that almost everyone speaks English.

8. Zadar, Croatia

aerial photography of white boat near body of water between green mountain during daytime

The ‘entertainment center of the Adriatic’, was voted as the Best European Destination in 2006. Why? Because it offers exquisite beaches and sunsets, tasty food and breathtaking locations for day trips outside the city.

Most importantly, it is an ideal destination to relax while enjoying a new city with a daily budget of 60 euros. Depending on what your style of entertainment is, you can either explore the Croatian cuisine or simply join the music festivals, which happen constantly in the city.

9. Mallorca, Spain

When the summer comes, everybody has thought of going to Majorca. An incredibly affordable destination with an exotic name, that makes everyone want to go. With the low budget airlines, the tickets are usually very cheap, especially when booked a few months before.

The beaches, the views and the nightlife make it a top destination, especially when you take into consideration that you will spend about 65 euros per day.

10. Crete, Greece

5 Things To Know For Every Trip

You have decided on your next destination and booked everything. Now you are ready to go. Actually, not yet. You need to take care of a few things before you travel. There are some tips that you need to know beforehand and be fully prepared for your trip.

Selective Focus Photography of Yellow School Bus Die-cast

1. Learn a few local words

Words like entschuldigung (sorry in German), euxaristo (thank you in Greek), Buon Giorno (goodmorning in Italian), or hola (hi in Spanish) will always be most appreciated by the locals. Especially in some German cities in Bavaria, you will not find many people who speak English, so it’s good to know a few basics. If learning foreign words is not your thing, do not fear. Most people know English and even if they don´t, you will still manage to communicate somehow.

people laughing and talking outside during daytime

2. Currency

Always check the currency before you visit a new country. Find out if you will benefit from exchanging money in your country or in the one you visit. Also, check with your banks (if you have many), to see in which one a transaction like that will be better for you. Remember that currency rates change quite often, so be sure to get the best deal.

No matter what you decide, DO NOT exchange money from the airport of the country you visit. It is always a rip-off and you will lose way too much money for nothing. That happens, because exchange rates in airports are much higher so they can take advantage of someone needing money in order to leave the airport and use transportation.

3. Walk or bike to explore

The best thing you can do is stay close to the city centre of the city you visit. That will minimise your transportation costs and in the process, you will get to see some amazing places, you definitely wouldn’t if you used the metro.

Renting a bike is another popular and great option, which is most than recommended for particular cities, such as Copenhagen and Amsterdam. These cities use bicycles on a daily basis, way more than they use cars and it is a lovely and relaxing way to explore a city.

Bike Parked Beside Concrete Wall

4. Order local specialities

When visiting a restaurant, try the local food. First, you will try the culture’s food and second you will pay way less money. Besides, if you visit a new country and you keep on only eating from well known fast food chains or you always order chicken, then you miss the point of experiencing in whole a city’s identity.

Fully exploring a city in a new country, includes visiting museums, sights, parks, admiring the architecture, embracing the nightlife and of course tasting all the goodies and things you cannot find back home.

Top View Of Food

5. Leave the tourist zone

Of course, at first, you will visit all the known sights, because what is the point of travelling if you don´t do that. But when you are done, try to get away from the tourist zone, especially when is time for your lunch or drinks. Going in less touristy areas, it will be less crowded, less expensive and with beautiful cultural sights and buildings as well.

woman standing on bridge

5 Cities to Visit Before They Dissappear

Earth has some magical and truly unique places that we all have to visit once in our lifetime. Unfortunately, some of these iconic locations are on the edge of disappearing due to peoples´ behavior and climate change.

Of course, they will not disappear overnight but approximately around 50 to 100 years. It would be recommended that you visit them the next 5 to 10 years, while they still remain in a good condition and can be enjoyed.

1. Venice


One of the most romantic and beautiful places you have to visit. However, US scientists report that Venice is sinking five times faster than Italian scientists think. Is no secret that almost every afternoon, the water levels rise and the city fills with water while you see tourists walking around the city barefoot, especially during the warm months of the year.

2. Maldives


An exotic holiday destination, ideal to visit during the summer. But the waters around the island have been constantly getting warmer and rising. It has been predicted by the UN Environmental Program that the Maldives could be the first island to sink. The government wants to invest in making the island carbon neutral by 2020 in an attempt to save the island and its people.

3. Seychelles


No doubt this is an amazing destination for a vacation, even though the water keeps on rising. Locals say there was much more land available for tourists a few years back. Now, with each year passing the water comes closer to the shore, leaving less land free. It is believed that in 50 to 100 years all corals will die and the beaches will vanish.

4. Machu Picchu


A must see destination with millions of tourists visiting each year. And here is where the problem lies. The volume of people visiting is causing damage to the Inca City, with everything being slowly worn down in the site. That is why the Peruvian government and UNESCO only allow 2,500 visitors per day.

5. Great Barrier Reef


One of the most travelled and famous destinations that you have to visit in your lifetime. The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is one of the seven wonders of the natural world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sadly all the pollution, cyclones and hot temperatures are threatening its coral life, as 93% of the reef has already been affected by bleaching.

10 Best Greek Islands for your summer vacation

The time has come that everyone starts thinking about their summer vacations and Greece always comes to mind. The best time to visit is between May and September. Even in mid-September, the weather is quite hot and many choose this month for a crowded-free vacation.

Greece is the most popular summer destination in Europe with almost 6000 islands for you to visit. There is a little something for everyone. If you want an intense nightlife you go to Ios, Mykonos or Zakynthos. If you want to go somewhere quiet with your family, you go to Chios or Corfu. Or if luxury is your thing, Santorini and Crete will not disappoint you.

Each island is unique in beauty. The crystal clear blue waters, the sandy beaches, the delicious food and the gorgeous blue and white island houses will take your breath away.

1. Santorini

Location: Cyclades

Famous for: Sunrise, wine, volcano, fava

What to do: Sunset in Oia, Wineries, Red Beach


2. Crete

Location: Crete

Famous for: Traditional dialect, Raki, Mantinades, History

What to do: Elafonissi beach, Balos Beach & Lagoon, Knossos Archaeological Site, Gramvousa Fortress.


3. Zakynthos

Location: Ionian Sea

Famous for: Intense nightlife, raisins, olives, honey, herbs

What to do: Navagio beach, Porto Limnionas beach, Xygia Sulphur Beach


4. Kefalonia

Location: Ionian Sea

Famous for: Wines, Olives, Turtles

What to do: Assos, Myrtos Beach, Venetian Lighthouse of Fiscardo


5. Paros

Location: Cyclades

Famous for: Architecture, Golden sand, exotic beaches

What to do: Parikia Town, Kolymbithres Beach, Lageri beach


6. Chios

Location: Aegean Sea

Famous for: Mastic, Mastello, Architecture

What to do: Pyrgi, Mavra Volia, Vrontados, Daskalopetra


7. Milos

Location: Cyclades

Famous for: Rocks, Volcano origin, Caves

What to do: Sarakiniko Beach, Kleftiko Beach

by GetYourGuide

8. Lefkada

Location: Ionian Sea

Famous for: Crystal clear beaches, Historic sites, Landscape beauty, Savoro

What to do: Egremni Beach, Kathisma Beach, Nydri Waterfalls


9. Folegandros

Location: Cyclades

Famous for: Wine, Matsata, Souroto, Kalassouna, Karpouzenia

What to do: Livadaki Beach, Latinaki Beach, Agios Nikolaos Beach


10. Ios

Location: Cyclades

Famous for: Crazy nightlife, Chora, Traditional Food

What to do: Mylopotas Beach, Manganari Beach, La Tomba di Omero


15 Flight Booking Tips you should always use

When travelling to a new destination, you feel relaxed and have the time of your life. But before doing that, you have to deal with a necessary evil; finding the best prices for your accommodation and flights.

If you are not happy with the prices you see, you may spend endless hours finding a solution around it. To save you some time and anxiety, we have gathered the best booking tips so that you always find cheap tickets if you are flexible and know some tips for better offers.

1. Incognito mode

First things first. Always use incognito mode. When not in incognito mode, your browser keeps all your previous searches and preferences. When you keep searching for a specific destination, the prices seem to be increasing. That is the website or airline’s way to scare you into booking right now.


2. Check Everywhere

Let’s say you find a good deal in Skyscanner.com for your flight to Milan with Easyjet. Just to make sure, check the same ticket through the official page of Easyjet. Most of the times, you will get the same price, but sometimes you might find a cheaper one.

3. Flexibility in Dates

It would be great if you could be as flexible as possible with your travel dates. Then you can play with the dates and find the cheapest tickets. However, we understand flexibility is not an option most of the time. In that case, search for tickets before applying for your days off from work.

4. Flexibility in Destinations

This option is great for those who simply want to travel somewhere, without having a specific destination. All you have to do is go on websites, like Ryanair (Plan – Fare Finder). Just type where you are flying from and your budget. You will get all the possible destinations with dates and prices from cheapest to most expensive. Other great websites for that purpose are SkyscannerKiwi and Kayak.


5. Last-minute deals

Nope. Do not wait for them. They are not really last-minute. They just want you to think they are. If you know your dates and destination, then book your flight as soon as possible. Usually, last-minute deals are very cheap because they offer flights during an off-season that not many people will visit.

6. Check other currencies or countries

Websites that operate in many countries, will also have different currencies. If you have the time go through as many as possible. It may be more beneficial to book in another currency or through another country. For example, when I wanted to travel to London, I paid through the Greek version of the airtickets website, rather than the German one for a difference of 10 euros.


7. Midweek Searches

The slowest days for booking flights are between Tuesday and Thursday. People usually decide on a trip during the weekend and that is when they look for tickets when the prices are the highest. Airlines have sales or various offers, during these 3 slow booking days. So, take advantage of them. Be careful: Prices are lowest for all flights if you BOOK them during Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. But the cheapest days to travel are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.

8. Always Book Return

It is not a secret that booking a go-and-return flight, will save you a lot of money. And I mean a lot.

9. Book a package

Sites like Expedia, offer great deals on travel packages. You book your hotel and flight for 1 or 2/3 of the price you would pay if you booked them separately. For my summer holidays, I made the mistake to book everything separately. As a result, I paid 400 euros more.


10. One at a time

When booking for more than 1 person it is best to look for tickets one at a time. There might be a sale or offer and 1 seat available. So, one person might book the ticket for 50 euros and the next ones for 70 euros.

11. Off-Season

Try to fly off-season for each destination. You will find the cheapest tickets and enjoy the country more since there will not be as many tourists. For example, Greece is best to visit from May-September. Try to visit in April or October. The weather will still be nice and you will get the best out of your trip.

12. First and Last Flight

Almost always, especially when you have to do with low-budget airlines, the first and the last flights of the day are by far the cheapest.


13. Six Weeks Ahead

The ideal period to book your flight is six weeks before. 1,5 month prior to your trip is the perfect combination for finding cheap flights and arranging your dates and destinations if it is not set.

14. Holidays

Do not be afraid to travel on the dates of the actual holidays. For example, If you travel on the 25th or 31st of December, you will most definitely find the most affordable tickets. You may be a bit late for the family gathering, but compared to the days prior or after these days, you will pay close to nothing.

15. Social Media

Most travelling sites along with airlines will post to their social media accounts offers and sales that last for a few hours or are available for the first few customers. So, follow them, turn on the notifications and choose to be alerted by email, because you do not want to miss these deals.