The Violent Incident In Berlin 19.12.16

Today was a sad day for Berliners. A truck drove directly into one of the busiest Christmas markets, killing 12 people and injuring way more.

Having no idea what happened, I was at home when my phone suddenly exploded with messages from friends and family. I was informed about the situation and the first thing I did was to call my mother and let her know I was fine before she heard the news. After that, I calmed everyone else down, assuring them I was safe.

I started researching about what happened and how, since I was trying to gather as much information as possible for what happened. I was confused. Nothing seemed like a terrorist attack. Then the Facebook safety check appeared, stating that it was indeed a terrorist attack. But I did not believe it.

For the past 8 hours, I have been reading all the newspapers looking for updates. But nothing is clear so far. And then Instagram blew up with “Pray for Berlin” pictures.

Is it truly a terrorist attack or are people now used to them so much that they immediately believe everything is? Without any valid information, all types of media began providing false information. Each one had different facts. I don’t know more details. No one does at this point. The German police are quite efficient and I have faith they will figure this out.

What pains me, are my thoughts of all those people having a good time and all of a sudden losing their lives or their loved ones. During the Christmas holidays that everyone is so happy and let loose.

Yes, I could be there. I’ve been there quite a few times and I was planning on going back,  since it was a beautiful Christmas market. But I wasn’t there tonight. I was lucky and I can’t spend my time thinking “what If”. I am scared of many things, but I will not let this “new reality” keep me locked in my house. 

We all have to be more cautious. Sadly, this is the way things work nowadays. I wish that the people who lost their lives tonight find peace and the ones that stayed behind be strong.


The Best German Christmas Market

I had been living in Nuremberg for almost 2 years. To be honest, Nuremberg is a cute small city with not many things to do, but it is beautiful. Especially for winter holidays, including Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

The whole city is beautifully decorated from mid-November, with lights and Christmas trees all over. But Nuremberg is probably the most famous city in Germany for its extraordinary Christmas Market, called Christkindlesmarkt.


Christkindlesmarkt begins on November 25th until December 24th, and it is open from 10 in the morning until 9 at night. People visit it from all cities of Germany. But what makes it so special and what can you do if you visit it?


1. Try the Nuremberg sausages

Yes!! Nuremberg sausages, called Bratwurst are the tastiest and most famous sausages in Germany. It is served with a small bun and 3 sausages inside. Be sure to put curry sauce inside and dried onions.


2. Glühwein to keep you warm

The favourite hot wine for the cold nights of winter. Its special taste comes by adding cinnamon, cloves and lemon peel among others. Every time you buy one, you are charged 2 euros extra for the cup, which each year has a different design and colour (arranged by all the sellers together). If you wish to keep the cup, you get no refund. Only if you take it back, you will get your 2 euros back.

What is really interesting, is that Glühwein is also available for children in the form of hot and sweetened fruit juice.


3. Meet the Nuremberg Christmas child

She is like Santa, but a girl. And blonde. And with wings. She represents the Christmas angel that brings the presents.

When it comes to Santa, parents tell their kids he will not bring them presents if they have been naughty. In the case of the Christkind, parents tell them that if they are curious and try to spot the angel, then they will get no presents. She does not come down the chimney. She rings a small bell, the moment she has left (well, the parents do).

Every Tuesday to Friday at exactly 3 pm, the Christkind visits Christkindlesmarkt to take pictures with children and listen to their wishes for presents. christkind-kinder-48

4. Shopping… A lof of shopping

Come on. Who doesn’t like shopping? Well, in Nuremberg’s Christkindlesmarkt, you might overspend. You can buy all sorts of toys for kids, such as wooden dolls and puzzles and all sorts of miniatures.  The best souvenir you can buy is a wooden nutcracker. They are very popular and made with great detail and love. One might cost about 100 euros, but it makes for a great souvenir or

The best souvenir you can buy is a wooden nutcracker. They are very popular and made with great detail and love. One might cost about 100 euros, but it makes for a great souvenir or Xmas present.


Visiting the market is the best opportunity to buy ornaments for your Christmas tree. The choices are so many. Colours, shapes, designs, sayings. There are made out of glass, wood and any other material you want.

5. Interested in other cultures?

If you want to try something new, then all you have to do is go to the Market of Sister Cities, located on a square North of the Christmas market. Artists, merchants and craftsmen from Nuremberg’s sister cities, have a booth selling a variety of products. The earnings go to charities of each country. The countries included are USA, Turkey, China, Greece, Italy, Montenegro, Romania, Sri-Lanka, Nicaragua, Poland, France, Czech Republic and Scotland.  


Why visit? Because it’s beautiful, full of lights and life, good food, with crazy and interesting items to purchase and it is fun. So much fun. Plus you get to go sightseeing in Nuremberg.


Fairytale Wedding In Castle Neuburg

2 months ago, I went to Ulm for one of my best friend’s weddings. I had never heard of this German city before, but soon I found out it is quite small. However, its beauty cannot go by unnoticed.

Our first stop was at Schloss Neuburg, one hour outside Ulm. That would be the wedding’s venue and we decided to go earlier, in order to reunite with friends we had not seen in a while. The moment we got off the train, I instantly got a warm and very familiar feeling. The nature around me was breathtaking. Lakes, with huge trees and all kinds of flowers. 20160814_122029.jpg

And then we arrived at this beautiful castle. For hours, we hang out with friends, drinking champagne and eating pizza (we are probably the only ones who can pull off this combination), laughing and getting ready for the wedding.

Schloss Neuburg


Everything was perfectly organised. The smallest detail was carefully thought. From the decorations to the thank-you gift bags waiting for each guest back to their hotel.


The ceremony was romantic, beautiful and intimate. Close family members and good friends, partying until the morning. When you have an amazing time, usually the time passes by quite fast. But we would meet again the next day, for a lunch and a tour of Ulm.

During the tour, our guide mentioned some very interesting facts about the sights. They all had such a great history since Ulm is one of the oldest towns in Germany. Even though the city is quite small, it is perfect for nature lovers. You will see people sitting by the river with their friends, bicycles everywhere and simply happy people.


What I found the most fascinating, is that when you are from one side of the river you are in Bavaria (New Ulm), but if you are on the other side, then you are in Baden-Württemberg (Old Ulm).


Honestly, it was an amazing experience and I had so much fun. I would not recommend visiting the castle unless you have to attend an event there. As for Ulm, if you ever happen to pass by, stop for a quick coffee and admire your surroundings.





Nuremberg’s Volksfest

Nuremberg’s Volksfest takes place in  Dutzendteich, also known as the Nazi Party Rally Grounds. It happens twice per year, usually in September and April and lasts for about 2 weeks. Volksfest is basically a fun fair- food festival.

Volksfest is the People’s Festival, with 100,000 square meters of attractions, food trucks and beer stands. There is little something for everyone, children, adults and elderly. You can eat the quite big Nurnberger sausages, try langos with minced meat and cheese or grab snacks (fries, crepes, sweet corn).

It is one of the few regular events happening in Nuremberg. Since it is a small city, each event or festival turns into something big. It is the perfect fair to visit during a weekend with both friends and family. You can easily spend almost a whole day there and if you happen to get bored, you can always walk around the lake of Dutzendteich.

***  Tip: Every Wednesday, all rides are half-price ***