10 Instagrammable places in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is one of those cities that does not take long to explore and is full of places and little corners that are perfect for any photographer or Instagrammer. If we simply said that the whole of Copenhagen is Instaggrammable, then this post would be cut short right here.

A beautiful city with great modern architecture and many unique things to see and taste. Usually, it is not one of those cities that would be full of tourists daily, so it makes perfect for a casual photo shoot. We have chosen for you the best spots in Copenhagen to build your portfolio or Instagram.

1. Magstræde

One of the two oldest streets in the city makes for a very mesmerizing setting. The colorful buildings, the bicycles all around and the cozy cafes make the street even more perfect.

Very convenient is the fact that is not a central street, so no matter when you go, you will not find many people around, which allows you to take your time in your photo shoot.

2. Marble Church

Frederiksgade street connects Marble Church, the most impressive church in Copenhagen with the Amalienborg Palace. In these two places and in the street between, you can produce some inspiring pictures.

Just avoid going after 11.30 in the morning, since crowds start gathering at the Amalienborg Palace for the guard’s change.

cars parked near cathedral

3. Palads Teatret

An old theater that might look like nothing at first. However, the pastel pink walls make for a great background. Just use your creativity and you can end up with a pretty amazing result.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Palads Teatret
by annakayoh

4. Botanical Garden

A historical glasshouse surrounded by a botanical garden, palm house, and a butterfly house. The cast iron spiral-stair leads to a passageway on top and is the reason why most people visit the garden.

The staircase can be found in the Palm House with a fee of 8 euros from 08.30 until 18.00.  From October to March, the closing time is 16.00.

5. Nyhavn

One of the most iconic places in Copenhagen. Definitely a spot to be for photographers. The beautiful canal can inspire from any point of view, whether you see the canal from the middle or have the colorful buildings behind you.

Around Nyhavn, there are some beautifully decorated cafes, that are also great options for Instagram pictures. Just try to avoid the classic poses that everyone has on Instagram.

river with boats under cloudy sky

6. Rosenborg Castle

Royal art treasures and rare gems can be found in the Castle’s gallery. But the outside area is why most people go for. The King’s Garden is free to enter and its surroundings are remarkable.

There are many separate areas that will allow you to set the mood for the photo shoot you want, whether is with a background of the castle or the forest trees.


7. Copenhagen Bispebjerg Cemetery

I know it may sound morbid, but it is not. Around the cemetery, there are some pathways that are remarkably pretty and perfect for a spring photo shoot. During spring the cherry blossoms bloom and ´ explode in an awe-inspiring pink flower sky´.

Keep in mind that it still remains a place of respect and grieve, so try to be discreet and respectful towards other visitors.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Bispebjerg Cemetery
by VisitCopenhagen

8. Rundetaarn

One of the favorites and most crowded places in Copenhagen. The Round Tower is a feast for Instagrammers since there are many hidden places to explore. The tower itself is very big and broad, so no matter how many people are inside, you still have empty spots to take your photos.

Get until the very top and on your way check the Floating glass floor that is 25 meters above the ground, a library with wooden decorations, the observatory and the window before going up the observatory.

9. NY Carlsberg Glyptotek

You have so many reasons to visit the Carlsberg Glyptotek; the art is marvelous and the surroundings of the museum even more astonishing. French masterpieces, Egyptian and Greek sculptures are a few of the arts you do not want to miss.

The Glyptotek itself looks like a tropical luxury museum, with perfect corners for an incredible shot. It would be better if you visited in the morning when the visitors are not so many.


10. The Black Diamond Library

As a part of the Royal Danish Library, the Black Diamond is open to the public. The formation of the building is quite unique with large windows with a view of the sea and sky. Go around and check all the floors until you find the perfect spot for your Instagram photo.




Best Accommodation in Copenhagen

Danish architecture is at its peak, with timeless, minimalistic, modern and fabulous designs. Copenhagen is full of insane architecture buildings, which means its hotels could not be any less impressive.

The city offers great accommodation for all budgets, but objectively it is at a bit higher prices than in other cities in Europe. We have collected you for you some of the best hotels based on location, design and views.


Steel House Copenhagen

A luxury hostel with private room options in the centre of Copenhagen. The dorms have lockers individual power sockets. The front desk is open 24/7 and there are is also a cafe, a bar and an indoor pool.

Location: Herholdtsgade 6, 1605 Copenhagen, Denmark

Price per night: € 168 for a double room with private bathroom

€ 64 for a bed in a mixed dormitory room

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Steel House Copenhagen

AC Hotel by Marriott Bella Sky Copenhagen

Just 20 minutes away for the city centre and 15 minutes away from the airport, the AC Hotel is perfect for those that want a little something extra from their accommodation. What makes this hotel one of our top choices, is the Executive Corner room for €314 per night, which offers an amazing view from the room´s floor to ceiling windows.

Location: Center Boulevard 5, Amager Vest, 2300 Copenhagen, Denmark

Price per night: € 208

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για AC Hotel by Marriott Bella Sky Copenhagen
by booking.com

Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers

For the eco-friendly visitors, Crowne Plaza is the hotel for you, located only 20 minutes away for the Copenhagen centre and 7 minutes away from Tivoli Gardens. The beautiful and spacious rooms and the free 24-hour gym make it a tempting choice.

Location: Ørestads Boulevard 114-118, Amager Vest, 2300 Kopenhagen, Dänemark

Price per night: € 228

Relax in one of our deluxe rooms

STAY Seaport

Even though this apartment hotel is 15 minutes away by foot from the closest train station, it is so worth it for the one-bedroom apartment with the killer view of the port. This luxurious apartment has a minimalistic character and is fully equipped with a kitchen and private bathroom. The view is simply breathtaking, but sadly it is not guaranteed you will get this room since there are more without this view.

Location: Murmanskgade 15, Østerbro, 2150 Copenhagen, Denmark

Price per night: € 222

Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Copenhagen

A well-known hotel chain is here to offer you a great experience during your stay in Copenhagen. Japanese, Thai and Italian cuisine can be found in the hotel´s restaurants. The hotel has spacious rooms with most of them having amazing panoramic views of the city or lake.

Location: Amager Boulevard 70, Amager Vest, 2300 Copenhagen, Denmark

Price per night: € 225

Manon Les Suites Guldsmeden

The best hotel for Instagrammers. A beautifully decorated hotel with Scandinavian style suites. All visitors have free access to the gym and the indoor pool, which is also the greatest feature of the hotel. People specifically book this hotel only because of the pool, since it is by itself one of the most Instagrammable places in Copenhagen.

Location: Gyldenløvesgade 19, 1600 Copenhagen, Denmark

Price per night: € 385

STAY Copenhagen

Great Scandinavian minimalistic architecture with private lofts with balconies and views. The apartments are fully equipped with kitchen and private bathrooms and you can also enjoy the hotel´s rooftop, gym and cafe.

Location: Islands Brygge 79A, Amager Vest, 2300 Copenhagen, Denmark

Price per night: € 211

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για STAY Copenhagen

Tivoli Hotel

A great hotel in the heart of the city with stunning sky bars, three restaurants, gym and indoor pool. The rooms are more colourful and not all of them are as big as you would expect. But the higher the floor, the better the views. The service is excellent and so are all the facilities. A big bonus is the location and how easy it is to go to Tivoli Gardens on foot.

Location: Arni Magnussons Gade 2, Vesterbro, 1577 Copenhagen, Denmark

Price per night: € 201

Image may contain: bedroom and indoor

Axel Guldsmeden

Guldsmeden Hotels never disappoint. Axel is a fabulous hotel in an amazing location with a spa and wellness centre. The rooms are amazing with wood dominating in all of them. However, the Penthouse apartment for € 770 per night is simply to die for with a private terrace and hot tub with incredible views.

Location: Colbjørnsensgade 14, Vesterbro, 1653 Kopenhagen, Dänemark

Price per night: € 184

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Axel Guldsmeden




All pictures were taken from the hotels´official site & social media