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10 European Destinations for your Christmas Holidays

Europe knows how to celebrate Christmas for sure. Christmas markets, impressive decorations and a spirit of cosiness and happiness warm that everyone's hearts. Each year, Europe dresses up in its holiday colours. However, some cities take Christmas to the next level and have been established as the best cities to visit during the holiday season.… Continue reading 10 European Destinations for your Christmas Holidays


Brunch in Copenhagen – Where to go?

Copenhagen is famous for its food scene. Fresh products, tasty coffee and delicious dishes. Yes, Danish pay attention to how their food looks, as they believe it opens up your appetite. When in Copenhagen, you can visit one of the following coffee places for a great breakfast or brunch. Most of them are available for… Continue reading Brunch in Copenhagen – Where to go?


Where to Eat in Rome (Pasta, Pizza, Tiramisu)

Rome is famous for its amazing pizza and pasta. But pretty much all the places, look the same. It is better if you skip the tourist spots since they are overpriced and the food is not really good. After a lot of research, I came to the conclusion that it was extremely difficult to find… Continue reading Where to Eat in Rome (Pasta, Pizza, Tiramisu)

Budapest · Budapest Spots · Instragrammable Locations

10 Instagrammable Locations in Budapest

Budapest has been voted among the 10 most Instagrammable cities in Europe by many sites and anyone who has been there cannot argue with that. There are many spots around the city to inspire you, but most of the insane architecture is on the Buda side. Get up early in the morning, as Budapest can… Continue reading 10 Instagrammable Locations in Budapest