Most Romantic European City

Prague is one of the cheapest, most beautiful and romantic destinations in Europe. You can visit by train, plane, car or bus. Try to stay close to the old town, since everything is within walking distance. The city is not very big, which gives you the opportunity to go around and easily visit all the sights.… Continue reading Most Romantic European City


Where to have breakfast in London

Whenever visiting a new city, finding good food can become a bit tricky. You do not know where you are or what is near you, or even if the restaurants around you are worth it. The most important meal of the day, however, is pretty easy to manage and enjoy. You simply find a bakery… Continue reading Where to have breakfast in London

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The Best London Photography Locations

With almost 42 million tourists visiting London each year, it is the second most visited destination in Europe after Paris. People want to explore the city´s nightlife, art scene, theatres, sightseeing and get a small taste of what it is like to be a Londoner. Tower Bridge Yes, it is a cliche. Yes, you will… Continue reading The Best London Photography Locations


The Royal Blue Resort In Crete – An Amazing Experience

This year our summer vacation had to be special, as we had not been on vacation for 2 years and it was also going to be our honeymoon. After months of intense searching, we realized that no other place would be better for us at this given moment that an island in Greece. Having limited… Continue reading The Royal Blue Resort In Crete – An Amazing Experience


Low Price & High Quality – Where to eat in Budapest

If you are looking for a classy, expensive and elegant restaurant to try, you are in the wrong place. The choices in Budapest are endless, with restaurants and cuisines from all over the world and for all budgets. What you will find here are the best places in Budapest for lunch and dinner based on… Continue reading Low Price & High Quality – Where to eat in Budapest


Balos Lagoon in Crete – Is It Worth It?

Balos is a bay with a lagoon located on the West coast of Crete. Along with Elafonissi and Samaria George, these three places have been naturally created this way. Balos is one of the most visited beaches of the island, and it can get really crowded at times and especially during the weekends. There are… Continue reading Balos Lagoon in Crete – Is It Worth It?