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25 Apps, Websites & Tips to up your Instagram Game

Instagram is the perfect tool that businesses use for promotion and marketing. Influencers and regular users might use the app on a daily basis and a lot more. There are so many apps and tutorials for every little thing, such as how to make the perfect stories with fonts and shapes or have a unique look on your profile.

I have gathered some apps and websites for you that will definitely help you and make your life a bit easier. Of course, there are so many more but I chose the ones that are more useful or unique and not known by many so far. Well, some of them at least.


1. Organise your profile beforehand

There are a few apps that allow you to plan your pictures and see what your profile will look like once you post them. Most Instagramers use them when they want to maintain a specific vibe or colour combination. Apps like Planoly and Garny, allow you to do so and make sure you post the right picture. Garny is only available for Android. 

2. No more dots in your captions

Usually, when writing a long caption, you want it to have different segments so that your readers pay attention to all the important things you want to highlight, instead of writing an endless and very long caption that most people do not bother reading. But Instagram does not allow you to leave a blank line, so you end up adding dots between the text or hashtags. If you find this extremely frustrating, I have the app for you.

Instaspacer allows you to write your caption exactly the way you want to appear and allows you to leave blank spaces. Just write your text and copy-paste it on your Instagram. Thank me later for this one!

3. Ran out of ideas for captions?

There are only so many captions you can create on your own. It is no secret that most users end up on Google or Pinterest for some inspiration. However, if time is running out and all you do is find the same quotes that everyone use, is time to try something different. TagWag and CaptionPlus have a setting that enables you to upload a picture of your own and they will present you will a list of possible captions. When opening CaptionPlus, while on the first page (Content), go on the ´suggestion´ option for this feature.

Tagwag will also show you a list of the perfect hashtags that go along with your photo. CaptionPlus is a bit special with more features. It also gives you an extensive list of topics with captions, for days of the week, yoga, tv shows, money, emotions, books, startups and others more used ones, like nature, photography, art, beauty etc. The app also allows you to add captions without dots, like Instaspacer, create grinds and square posts. CaptionPlus is only available for Android. 

4. Want to remove that car that ruins your shot?

We all know how annoying it is for random things to ruin our picture just because we failed to notice them. Sometimes it can get sloppy to delete the item and most often it is impossible. PhotoDirector is a great application for this. It is not free, so it only allows you to edit one picture per day. But it gets the job done. For things that do not need a great deal of precision in order to delete them, you can also use Snapseed´s Healing tool.

5. Make all your pictures have the same colour theme or tone

Sorry but VSCO is so last year. Adobe Lightroom is the app all Instagramers use right now and they will for years to come. Just add a picture, play with the light and colour mix settings. When you are satisfied with the result, click on the dots on the upper right and choose ´Create Preset´. Name your preset and add it through the tool line at the bottom to each picture. Of course, not all filters are for all photos. So keep in mind to adjust the settings to your liking if you want a cohesive profile.

For those that find Lightroom intimidating, Snapseed is your other option. Less complicated but with fewer options. But for someone who is just starting and wants to experiment this app is perfect.

6. Do you find it impossible to create your own preset on Lightroom?

No problem. I get it. It can get overwhelming. Search Pinterest for lightroom presets and copy the given settings to the app. Another option is to visit some Youtubers that offer links to free presets they have created. My favourite YouTubers with an array of presets are IH Edition, ZOTOL, PlanetEris, and Tiny Tutorials By Divya.

7. Blue Sky in need

Travelling during the winter usually comes with bad weather and bad weather comes with a grey and moody sky. Don´t get me wrong. I am all for natural weather no matter how it looks like. But not everyone likes that. Picnic Sky and Sky Editor have great blue-sky filters that are placed perfectly and automatically in your pics. IOS users should use Enlight Quickshot. You can also change the sky colour in Snapseed with the ´Brush´ tool by changing the temperature.

LightX has a backdrop option that if it is used correctly and carefully can also add different stages of the sky, as well as a variety of other backdrops.

Tip: When using these apps be careful to not overdo it and make your pictures look natural at all times.

8. Add movement to your stories

Stories are the best way to keep up with your followers on a daily basis, but sometimes you need something different to spice the posts up. By using Vimage, you can choose among 150 moving effects or animation techniques, from adding hot smoke into your coffee or make the palm trees move in the wind. Enlight Pixaloop adds beautiful and natural-looking skies into your photos without much effort and makes the photo animated.

9. Elegant Symbols & Fonts

Getting quite popular to change the same old font on your captions for something better looking. The ideal choice is to use websites instead of apps. Igfonts is my go-to website, but to be honest, all apps and sites have the same fonts. Amino offers a wide selection of headers and dividers which are currently not being used a lot on Instagram.

As for symbols, even though your emoji directory on your phone may cover that, you need to know that you have more options. Emojipedia will offer you more options just by typing what it is you are looking for. For more elegant symbols in black and white, go to Cool Symbol, for some fancier symbols.

10. Snow Effect

Usually when it snows you take your camera or phone and get out to get some beautiful shots. But most of the times, the act of snowing is not visible. If you want to enhance the snow on your pic or add a perfectly natural-looking snow effect, then try Just Snow. Snow filters, layers and other effects will up your winter photos.

11. Pose Inspiration

Figuring out poses can end up difficult after a while and you end up posing the same way. Ideas run out or your mind just sometimes blocks. Unscripted is a great app for those who are creatively stuck. Of course, some suggestions are locked unless you have a membership, but that does not stop you from getting a glimpse into new ideas.

12. No Watermark Videos

It may be a bit frustrating trying to find a video editor without watermark. Quik is ideal for those who want filters and effects. You simply choose the template you want, add your pics or videos and let Quik work for you. Inshot is the most commonly used app. It is simple and easy to use, and the result can only be satisfying. Even though YouCut has the same features as Inshot, a special function makes it even better. You can record anything you want. This is perfect for beauty Instagrammers, as they can do a voiceover on their makeup videos. 

I hope you find them useful and incorporate them to your posts and stories. There are way more apps that are useful and perfect, but they will be mentioned in another article. Just let me know if you are interested in that!

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