2-Day Rome Itinerary Organised for you (all the details you need)

Rome is not too difficult to navigate in. Most sights are within walking distance. However, in order to save you a lot of time organising your trip, or forget to do so and end up going in circles, I have prepared a 2-day itinerary for you. Of course, staying in Rome for 3 days would be ideal. But for those who only have a weekend to spare, you can easily see everything you must.

Keep in mind that one ticket costs 1,50 euros and lasts for 100 minutes. You can use all means of transportation, but the metro for only one ride. But, the transportation being terrible in Rome, you might end up spending hours waiting for buses. The following itinerary is prepared so that you can visit everything by foot.

If some of you might happen to catch a flight to Rome on Friday afternoon and leave on Sunday morning, skip to the end of the article for a one-day-itinerary. In both cases, if you have some free time you can visit Trastevere, a hip lovely neighbourhood filled with restaurants and cafes and very few tourists. Or you can visit Villa Borghese, a stunning park with fountains, playgrounds, and small archaeological sites.

Day 1


Vatican Museums & The Sistine Chapel: If you have to visit only one museum that has an entrance fee, then this is the one. The Vatican Museums are simply stunning, full of history and great art pieces. The ceilings and decor are breathtaking and no one must miss this experience. The Sistine Chapel is a part of the Museums, which you will see towards the end of your tour. You will spend approximately 3 hours in the museum, so make sure to book your tickets online, in order to skip the long lines.

St. Peter’s Basilica: It is believed to be “the greatest church in Christendom”. A beautiful church in the heart of the Vatican city. What makes it even more unique is that by getting to the cupola, which is the dome on the top, you get an incredible view of the Vatican. You can either climb 551 steps or use the elevator for a fee and only climb 320 (10 min. from the Vatican Museums). If you do not have a lot of time, then skip going in and only admire the architecture from the outside.

St. Peter’s Square: The square of the Vatican City in front of St. Peter´s Basilica. A grand and spacious square with 360° views of the impressive architecture and fountains around it.

Castel Sant’ Angelo: A cylindrical building in the form of a tower that was made for Roman Emperor Hadrian as a mausoleum. The big sculptures and the bridge that connects it to the other side of the road, give it a more fairytale vibe (11 min. from St. Peter´s Square).

Piazza Navona: One of the many piazzas in Rome, where ancient Romans used to go to for watching various competitive games. While on the area, visit Grom, for some delicious ice cream, cold coffee or a delicious warm pastry with ice cream (14 min. from Castel Sant’ Angelo).

The Pantheon: It used to be a Roman temple, but not it is a church. It has been burned by fire and struck by lightning, but throughout years and raids, it was rebuilt and restored. It is open until 18.00 and you can get inside without waiting in any line. But be respectful and keep quiet. It is still a place or religion (6 min. from Piazza Navona).

Piazza Di Spagna: One of the most famous piazzas in Rome and the most expensive area, where you can only shop from very known and expensive brands (14 min. from Pantheon).

Spanish Steps: Part of Piazza Di Spagna, are the most famous stairs in Rome. It will always be a mystery to me as to why. Every day, hundreds of people gather at the square trying to get a shot on the steps. The amount of people is insane, and you can skip the whole area if you want.

Pastificio Guerra: Food may be a bit disappointing in Rome for some, but Pastificio Guerra will make it worth your while. It is open daily from 13:00 to 21:40 and the pasta only costs 4 euros (2 min. from Spanish Steps).

Day 2


Palatine Hill: One of the most ancient parts of Rome with quarters for the richest Romans back in the day. I recommend you begin your tour from the Palatine Hill since the ticket is also valid for the Colosseum. If you purchase it from there, you will not have to wait long. While in the Colosseum, you can spend an hour or two waiting in lines. If you do not have the time, skip going inside both of them.

Colosseum: The glorious Colosseum, where 80.000 people attended to watch gladiators fighting or other public spectacles. A greatly admirable architectural amphitheatre (11 min. from the Palatine Hill).

Roman Forum: Also a part of your ticket for the Colosseum and Palatine Hill, but it can be quite visible from the outside. Skip getting a ticket and walk along the Roman Forum. At some point, right where the Forum ends, there is a path going up the hill. You can follow it in order to get to a place where you can see everything better and from a higher level (14 min. from the Colosseum).

Capitoline Hill: While on the Roman Forum, take the only stairs that will take you to the upper level, without a ticket being needed. You will now arrive at Capitoline Hill. Used to be known as the Temple of Jupiter, and it was considered to be indestructible and from there on it was believed to be a symbol of eternity (3 min. from the Roman Forum).

Victor Emmanuel Monument: Getting down the stairs from the Capitoline Hill, and going straight right, you will start seeing the grand Victor Emmanuel Monument little by little, which is dedicated to Victor Emmanuel for unifying Italy. The monument is stunning and leaves you speechless (3 min. from Capitoline Hill).

Piazza Venezia: A great piazza that serves as an intersection surrounded by the monuments and other historical buildings (3 min. from Victor Emmanuel).

Pompi Trevi: Do not leave Rome, unless you can visit Pompi at least once. If you go, you will go again and again. Pompi has 3 stores in Rome (the other one is at Piazza Di Spagna) and serves the best desserts in the city. The choices are many and everything is delicious (7 min. from Piazza Venezia).

Fontana Di Trevi: One of the most famous fountains in the world and maybe the most difficult to see. No matter what time you visit, the insane crowds forbid you from admiring it as a whole. Nevertheless, it is a sight you have to try and see (2 min. from Pompi).


Vatican Museums >> Peter´s Square >> Castel Sant´Angelo >> The Pantheon >> Trevi Fountain >> Piazza Venezia >> Victor Emmanuel Monument >> Roman Forum >> Colosseum



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