Brunch in Copenhagen – Where to go?

Copenhagen is famous for its food scene. Fresh products, tasty coffee and delicious dishes. Yes, Danish pay attention to how their food looks, as they believe it opens up your appetite.

When in Copenhagen, you can visit one of the following coffee places for a great breakfast or brunch. Most of them are available for online reservations, as they are usually pretty crowded. Below you can find 6 great options for your meal, from a bakery that is the cheapest to a way pricier store.


A Danish bakery chain with more than 10 locations in Copenhagen. This will be by far the cheapest choice for your breakfast or brunch. The bakery is known for its pastry variety and taste. Everything, including the coffee, is delicious and fresh. Definitely try the cinnamon rolls and the Danish sausage rolls. But this is not a regular coffee place, so the seating is limited.

by Lagkagehuset

The Union Kitchen

Your most Instagrammable choice for brunch. Delicious food with very tasty coffee. The Union Kitchen might be a bit pricey but is well worth it for food lovers. Try the Croque Madame, which is probably the best I have ever had and order a cappuccino. It will arrive with a unique stamp. You have the choice to book a table online free of charge, and we recommend you do so since it is one of the busiest spots in Copenhagen.


Mad & Kaffe

So many yummy choices. Mad & Kaffe sadly does not accept reservations for breakfast and brunch, which means it would be better to visit during the week or early in the weekend. The coffee place offers vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free food. With 12euros (94DKK), you can choose 3 items from the brunch menu and create a brunch for your taste.

by Mad & Kaffe

Next Door Cafe

If you are craving great pancakes and tasty cakes, then head to the Next Door Cafe. Reservations may not be available, but the amazing staff will find a way to seat you. The store plays rather loud music, which complements its vibe.

by Next Door Cafe


The best vegan menu you can find. Do not overestimate it if you are not vegan since you can find some pretty incredible dishes here, that will not let you complain. You can make a reservation, but all of them begin at 10.00. You also have the option to order takeaway.

brunch fruitparfait muesli breakfast


Being on a trip does not mean you are bound to eat unhealthy food. Sidecar might only four 4 brunch options, but it is not your typical menu. The menu consists of pancakes, scrambled eggs, porridge, compote, sausages and bacon, which you can order in 4 different combinations. You can make reservations for all days of the week, but try to book at least 1 to 2 months in advance.

by Sidecar

So, enjoy your time in Copenhagen by exploring the great food scene and taste as many as you can. If spending so much money is not your style, then you can always head to the local bakeries for pastries and coffee.

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