Where to Eat in Rome (Pasta, Pizza, Tiramisu)

Rome is famous for its amazing pizza and pasta. But pretty much all the places, look the same. It is better if you skip the tourist spots since they are overpriced and the food is not really good.

After a lot of research, I came to the conclusion that it was extremely difficult to find out the best places to eat, in terms of price and quality. So, I asked my Instagram friends for tips and the answers came flowing in.

pizza rome

All I had to do, was to go and try them for myself. The suggestions people gave me, were more than great and I can honestly say that I enjoyed almost everything that I ate. I have gathered for you all the great spots to eat in, during your visit to Rome.

**Please avoid seafood, especially in the Rome train station. 

Mizio’s Street Food – 0,7km from the Colosseum

In Mizio’s you can find the perfect snack for a busy touristy day. You can choose the type of bread, cheese and ham you want, as well as any other toppings. These big sandwiches are simply delicious and quite affordable (5 to 7 euros each).

Pastificio Guerra – 0,1km from Spanish Steps

For a great pasta in a decent quantity and good price (4 euros), head to Pastificio Guerra. You can choose the type of pasta you want and one of the 2 sauces available. The spaghetti is mostly for takeaway, but if you choose to eat there, then a glass of wine will be offered to you for free. Keep in mind that the store is located in one of the busiest areas in Rome, so expect big waiting lines, but they clear up rather quickly.

Pompi Tiramisu – 0,1km from Fontana Di Trevi

The BEST dessert shop in the city with 3 locations. Pompi is close to the St. Peter’s Basilica and Spanish Steps as well. You will not be disappointed by your visit, as the desserts are fresh and delicious. They are known for their tiramisu in a variety of flavours besides the classic one. Mimoza, Millefeuille and the Profiterol are some of its yummy choices.

Tommi’s Burger Joint – 0,5km from St. Peter’s Basilica

If you need a moment away from carbs, then head to the best burger place in the city. With fresh ingredients and delicious meat, it will prove to be a good choice at all times. The service is excellent and fast, and so is the location. A ‘meaty’ option after your visit to the Vatican Museums.

Pizza Alice – 0,4km from St. Peter’s Basilica

After the Vatican Museums, take a break for a quick snack in the best takeaway pizza. The place is pretty busy, but you will not wait long. The variety in pizzas, their taste and price will compensate your wait. A delicious pizza for the road. Try the potato pizza!

Pizza Zizza Caffetteria Birreria Desserteria – 0,2km from St. Peter’s Basilica

The best pizza in the city as a restaurant-sit-in option. Even though there is no menu written, the staff will happily guide you through your options. There are so many kinds of pizza, even flavours you have never tried before. So, it would be best if you tried one piece of each. What makes Pizza Zizza even better, is the fact that has many vegetarian options.

Vino Come Na Vorta – 0,1km from Santa Maria in Trasvestere

A quite busy restaurant in the heart of the charming Trastevere, known for its pizza and its unique flavours. The pasta is handmade with their own secret recipe and well worth it for many.

I cannot hide the fact that I was a bit disappointed and was expecting way more, but I felt obligated to give you all the facts and let you decide on your own. The truth is that I would not recommend the place, but I had to mention it since it is considered by many the best pasta in town.

Sfiziarte – 0,5km from St. Peter’s Basilica

A lovely couple, Laura and Titian decided to share their love for cooking with the world by opening Sfiziarte. The food could not be any better and well worth it. You can have appetizers, pasta, pizza, sandwiches, salads and desserts. The restaurant is busy quite often, but all customers wait patiently and always leave with a smile on their face.

Roma Termini – Train Station

The train station in Rome has a big food court with options for all. Crepes, cheese balls, pasta, pastries, spaghetti. It is the perfect place to eat while waiting for the buses to transfer you to the airport. However, please keep in mind to avoid any seafood



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