How to tour London in 2 days

London is a very popular European destination, with people getting eager to visit even if they only have a weekend off. It might not be enough, but it is totally worth it. You can still get a small taste of London and see all the famous tourist sights.

No matter how many times you visit London, you will still have a lot left to see but this is what makes it such an attractive destination. If you do not want to go around in circles like I did my first time in London, follow the itinerary below.

Day 1

Tower Bridge: A beautiful area with a view of the Thames river and many skyscrapers.
St. Paul´s Cathedral: London´s famous dome with a very interesting history (27 min. away from Tower Bridge with public transportation).
London Eye: The famous Ferris Wheel. If you can spare 2 hours in line, you will be compensated with a wonderful view (20 min. away from St. Paul´s Cathedral with public transportation).
Houses of Parliament: The Parliament building of London. Usually, you get to admire Big Ben there, but it is currently under construction (8 min. away from the London Eye by foot).
Buckingham Palace: The Queen´s residence may be neither impressive nor interesting, but you have to visit (16 min. away from Houses of Parliament by foot).
Hyde Park: An incredibly big park, that you have to pass by. If you visit during Christmas, then you will spend more than 2 hours in the magical fairytale fun park they create (14 min. away from Buckingham Palace by foot).
Natural History Museum: One of the best museums in London. Interesting exhibits, wonderful decor and interactive games (14 min. away from Hyde Park with public transportation).

Day 2

Kensington Palace & Gardens: No need to pay for the palace. Even though it has some great art pieces, all you need to do is go for a walk through the stunning gardens.
Oxford Street: London´s most famous and biggest shopping street with hundreds of stores for all styles (23 min. away from Kensington Gardens by public transportation).
Regent Street: Another famous shopping street that you will meet no matter what on your way to Piccadilly (6 min. away from Oxford Street by foot).
Piccadilly Circus: The iconic road junction with big video displays (6 min. away from Regent Street by foot).
Chinatown: Filled with Chinese restaurants, bakeries and more, Chinatown has some beautiful Chinese decorations (5 min. away from Piccadilly Circus by foot).
Trafalgar Square: A great square that holds most of the citie´s events, such as New Year´s Eve celebrations and movie premieres (8 min. away from Chinatown by foot).
National Gallery: Right on the Trafalgar Square, you will see the National Gallery, with a collection of some of the finest art in the world.
Covent Garden: A produce market with many stores, restaurants and theatres. You must visit during Christmas, to see its beautiful holiday decorations (8 min. away from the National Gallery by foot).
British Museum: The museum with artefacts from all over the world. Here you can see two controversial pieces. The Parthenon parts from Greece and the Rosetta Stone from Egypt (12 min. away from Covent Garden by foot).

Of course, there are way more places that are worth visiting, but it is best to leave them for the second time you visit London (and you will), or for a third day. Notting Hill, Canary Wharf, the Shard and Camden Lock Market are a few of them. No matter what, your time in London will be incredible and hopefully this little itinerary will help save you time.

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