The Ultimate Guide for Budapest (where to go, eat & stay)

Budapest is one of Europe’s cheapest destinations with great architecture and landmarks. You can visit for 5 days without spending much money. The city is renowned for its attractions, prices and the magnificent 5 bridges, which you will cross wherever you go.

Chain Bridge

Flights and Accommodation

Prices for flights to Budapest range from 50 to 100 euros with return. If you are travelling with a low-budget airline, then you should also expect an extra charge of 12 euros for your luggage.

When it comes to your accommodation, the city has many hotels and apartments at very affordable rates. Some apartments also provide a kitchen for those who want to avoid any unnecessary expenses. For 3 nights your stay can cost from 100 to 180 euros. An excellent hotel we recommend for you is Agape Apartments (287 euros for 4 guests for 3 nights), a spacious apartment with a kitchen and a very good location with many restaurants around.

Where to go

1. Hungarian Parliament

The Hungarian Parliament is one of Europe’s most spectacular and impressive attractions. When you visit in the morning, you can see all the beauty on both sides and admire the detail in this beautiful architectural building. However, at night it can leave you speechless. For many, it is considered one of the most amazing sights.

2. Fisherman’s Bastion

One of Budapest’s top attractions. You can straight from Buda´s Castle, on foot or by bus to admire its unique and magnificent architecture, which is hard to find elsewhere in Europe. We recommend that you visit both in the morning and at night to enjoy a magnificent view of the city from above.

3. St. Stephen’s Basilica

The third-largest church in the city in Roman Catholic style. You will be asked to make a small donation to enter but it is worth it. The area around is perfect for your evening out, as it is full of restaurants and bars.

4. Buda Castle

A beautiful castle that is visible when you reach the top. You can walk on foot in 10 minutes or take the funicular. The castle hides a very interesting story and is well worth a visit.

5. Margaret Island

A great place to relax and become one with nature. Inside the park, you will find the Fountain of Music, the Japanese garden, archaeological ruins, the city’s zoo, and many more. This small island is 2.5km away. Although bus 26 passes through, it will be much more fun to rent golf carts in a variety of colours and funny shapes.

6. Citadel & Gellert Hill

On your way to the Citadel, stop at Gellert Hill for the most scenic view of all of Budapest. This monument will be especially appreciated by those who love photography. To get to Citadel, you’ll need good shoes and patience (there is a bus that can leave you 5 minutes away from the top), but the view will reward you.

7. Thermal springs

Budapest has so many natural hot spring waters that visiting a spa is the reason most travellers visit the city. Prices range from 20 euros per person for the whole day. Massage services are available for an extra cost. Remember to bring swimwear, slippers and a towel or bathrobe with you (a great choice for winter). The most popular baths in the city are Szechenyi, Gellért and Rudas, which is also open from 22.00 until 04.00 every Friday and Saturday.

The best food options

BITE – Definitely one of the best choices for breakfast. You can choose something healthy and nutritious or something super tasty but not really healthy. The sausage rolls are just delicious. But the secret recipe for their cinnamon rolls is out of this world.

Molnar’s Kurtoscalacs – A traditional cylindrical sweet-cake made from sweet yeast-down. You can find it rolled in different tastes, such as sugar, cocoa, almonds, cinnamon and more. Molnar only offers kurtoskalacs for breakfast, but is it worth trying it.

STIKA – Pancakes and eggs Benedict. Great coffee and croissants. A great place for your breakfast. You will not be disappointed since everything is simply delicious. But you might have trouble finding a table.

Lucky 7 Burgers & More – One of the best burger you will eat. Tasty and light. The burgers are made with high-quality meat and their handmade buns will surprise you. The best time to go is early noon if you want to find a table.

Meatology Budapest – If you want gourmet dishes at a very low price, this is the perfect place for you. 2 brothers with years of experience as a chef, work together in the heart of Budapest and create flavours that will explode in your mouth.

Hummusbar – With more than 14 restaurants throughout Budapest, Hummusbar will take you on a journey of great tastes. What makes it a perfect choice is that it is ideal for vegetarians and provides delivery service to your hotel.

How to move around the city

Budapest has 4 metro lines, trams, buses, trolleys, trains and taxis. Most media are available until 23.00. There are also evening buses. Taxis are a fairly affordable and fast option, especially at night when other modes of transport do not work and cost 70 HUF (0.23 €) per minute.

From 04.00 to 23.00 you can reach the airport in central Budapest using taxi services, the M3 metro line and the train from Ferihegy Train Station. However, the most popular choice based on duration, price and comfort are the 100E and 200E buses, just outside the airport.

Tip: For the 100E bus you will need to buy a separate ticket costing 900HUF (€ 2.85) – other city-wide tickets are not available for this service.

Teréz krt.

You can buy your tickets on any ticket machine in the metro stations, on the streets and in the kiosks. You should always validate your ticket on the ticket machines before travelling. Tickets are pretty cheap, but if you travel without one, you can get a pretty hefty fine ticket.

Single Ticket – 350 HUF (1,10€) *

Transfer Ticket – 530 HUF (1,70€) *

Block of 10 Tickets – 3000 HUF (9,60€) **


* Single tickets are used for one way-trips without connections. If you want to make a connection (ex. metro and then bus), you have to use the transfer ticket. For example, you take the metro for 2 stops and then a bus for 3 stops. In that case, you have to get a transfer ticket, instead of a single one so you can use both means of transportation.  When you have to change between 2 metros, the single ticket is enough. However, if you change two buses, you will need a transfer ticket. 

** You need to have all 10 tickets with you at all times, even you have already validated them. Keep them all together, until you have validated all 10.

Budapest is a lovely and extremely romantic European city. It would be best to visit it during all seasons, except winter. The only thing for sure is that any season you choose, you will definitely have a great time !!

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