Balos Lagoon in Crete – Is It Worth It?

3 thoughts on “Balos Lagoon in Crete – Is It Worth It?”

  1. This is the most comprehensive article I have read about Bali’s. Thank you! We are going there at the end of September and we will drive. Can I ask what type of vehicle did you use? A car or SUV?

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    1. Thank you so much!!! We actually rented a car and thank you for reminding me. Some car agencies do not allow you to go to Balos with their cars. However i think you will be just fine with an SUV

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      1. Good information. We are staying at Cheney after four nights and than staying at Elounda for two nights. We have been leaning towards an SUV because there are four adults going and it may be more comfortable anyway!! Again thank you for the great post and information!

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