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5 Ways to Save Money for Travelling

Travelling is always great and refreshing, but not always the easiest thing to do, especially for those who live in countries where the economic crisis stroke for good. However, it is not impossible, if you are willing to make a few changes in your everyday life. Cut some other costs while saving more, or even find alternative ways to spend less while booking or during your trip.

1. Research & Budget


Try creating a budget for your next trip. Let´s say you plan on visiting Berlin and you are willing to spend 50 euros per day. So for 4 days, you plan on spending 200 euros. Add an extra 50 or 100, if possible, just to be safe in case extra costs occur. Knowing your budget as soon as possible will help you save more and manage your costs even better.

After that or before determining your budget, try researching more about your future trip. For example, if you wish to visit some museums, find the ticket prices, or search for cheaper food choices, while delicious at the same time. is a great tool to get all the information you want for sights and food.

2. Cut Costs & Save More


Depending on the kind of trip you want, you need to manage your finances. Try cutting unnecessary costs, such as eating out or shopping. Purchase a piggy bag that DOES NOT open from the bottom and chooses a specific amount of money you will put in every day or week. Add two euros per day and in 10 months you will easily have gathered 600 euros. But do not be tempted to touch them before that.

3. Low-cost flights


If you are lucky enough to live in Europe, then you definitely know the biggest low-cost airlines, such as Ryanair, EasyJet, Transavia, Germanwings etc. If you can, try to book your tickets on dates with the lowest costs (usually Tuesday to Thursday). However, you should be prepared to only travel with a carry-on to avoid extra charges. If you just want to travel somewhere with no specific destination in mind, use the airlines´websites to find the cheapest tickets for any destination.

4. Travel off-season


Travelling in Greece, Italy or Croatia during July and August can really burden your budget. The flights are expensive and so are the hotels. Instead, try to visit in June or late August to September. But if your dates are fixed and your destination not set, then you can find the cheapest trips. Of course, if you book your trip as soon as possible, even 5 or 6 months before, you may get the best deals.

5. Find the best accommodation deals


If possible try to book your hotel for several months, since only then will you able to find the best offers and lower prices. It is very difficult to find a great hotel room at a low price, close to the city centre and with breakfast included. Therefore you have to choose what is more important for you. The best choice would be to choose a room close to the city centre so that you cut on transportation costs. Having a nice room is not so important since you will hopefully not spend so much time in there. Check HotelsCombined to find exactly what it is you are looking for or Airbnb.

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