10 Things to do for Free in Prague

Prague is the perfect destination for everyone and the best time to visit is … all year long. Summer, Christmas, Valentine’s Day… No matter the purpose or time, Prague is the perfect combination of romance, culture, architecture and natural beauty. When you visit, there are some things you must see and do for sure and all of them are for free. 

1. Old Town Square


Most of the things you must see in Prague, if not all, are located next to or around the Old Town Square. From architectural buildings to local coffee shops and restaurants.

The Old Town is every tourist´s starting point on their tour. Museums, souvenir shops, and sights are all within walking distance.

2. Charles Bridge


The most beautiful place to spend your time. It is ideal to visit both during the day and night. It is almost always packed with tourists, but you can still enjoy the breathtaking view. During the day, there are many artists and craftsmen around. 

It can get quite tricky to get pictures since it is always extremely crowded. If you want to avoid big crowds, visit in the early morning (6:00 – 8:00) or later at night (after 21:00).

3. Kampa Island

The second most beautiful island within a city in the world is about to amaze you. The island is filled with gardens, amazing views, and vineyards, with its own little ‘Venice’.

4. Astronomical Clock


Prague’s famous medieval Astronomical Clock is located in the middle of the Old Town. It is definitely one of the most popular sights in Prague. Visit every hour for a great mechanical performance. But be prepared to have a lot of people in your way.

5. Dancing House


You have to see it because is a dancing house. This modern and unique architectural building is located by the Vltava River, between two of the most famous historical buildings. Only the top floor of the building is open to the public, where the restaurant Ginger & Fred is located. You can dine there with the most beautiful view of the city.

6. Shooters Island

Nothing better than visiting this park during the day and relax. This little “island” provides amazing views around it. Especially at night, you will be amazed by the view, with the whole city being lit up and with a captivating Charle´s Bridge from afar.

7. John Lennon Wall


On the other side of the Old Town, after crossing Charles Bridge, you can find the John Lennon Wall, filled with all sorts of graffiti and lyrics from Beatles’ songs. He still remains as a symbol of peace with so many people visiting every day to see the wall made in his memory.

8. Statue of Franz Kafka


A 42-Layer rotating sculpture is on display outside the Quadrio shopping center. It is a very unique sculpture, and it can be quite tricky to photograph unless you are fast. A fascinating piece of art, that many people miss it. 

Video: Rotating Franz Kafka Sclupture

9. St. Vitus Cathedral


Even though a ticket will give you full access, you can still get in for free. Located in the Prague Castle, you can see this Gothic masterpiece from any point of the city.

10. Free Walking Tour


The Royal Walk Free Tour, is completely free of charge (tips are welcome) and lasts for about 2,5 hours.

When: Everyday at 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00 and 15:00

Where: Old Town Square at the Discover Tour Prague Office (Celetná 12), where the people with the yellow umbrellas are.

Sights Seen: 

  • Astronomical Clock
  • Church of Our Lady Before Týn
  • House of the Stone Bell
  • Palais Kinsky
  • St. Nicholas Church
  • Rudolfinum / Czech Philharmonic
  • Charles Bridge
  • Jewish Quarter
  • Old Jewish Cemetary
  • Powder Tomer
  • House of the Black Madonna
  • Municipal House
  • Pinkas Synagogue / Memorial for the Jewish Victims of the Holocaust from the Czech lands.


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