5 essential things you will need for your trip to London

Going to London is always exciting and you know you are about to have a great time. However, when you arrive you may come across some unpleasant and unplanned surprises.

1. Currency


The United Kingdom has its own currency (GBP), which means you have to exchange money before or while your trip. What you can do is research the various rates in your country and in London and figure out which is the best country to make your exchange.

Just remember that upon arriving, you will need a few cash for your transportation. Exchanging money at the airport is a big NO NO, as you will be easily charged with way more. A great option is to pay for your personal credit card since the costs are minimal compared to what you would lose in an exchange.

2. Power



Imagine arriving in London and finally going to your hotel. All you want is to charge your phone and go explore London while taking amazing pictures. To your disappointment, you realize that the electrical plugs are different.

They use a three pin plug that is different from what is used in Europe. You can either purchase an adaptor before your trip or in the worst case scenario every mini market has one, but you will pay a little more for it.

3. Water 


Tap water is safe to drink in the UK and Ireland. In fact, it is not only safe but one of the cleanest in the world. However, some people may not find the taste so pleasing in some cases. The water from your hotel may have a different taste from the water in a restaurant.

One tip of advice is to always have a water bottle with you and fill it up in your hotel, as bottled water can be expensive.

4. Internet Access


Finding internet is not that difficult in London. Most hotels, restaurants, and cafes have WiFi. Now, with roaming, if you travel to the UK from another European country, you can use your personal Internet data without extra charges.

It is extremely important to know that while in the Underground (Metro), having a signal is impossible. So be prepared and figure out how to go to your destination beforehand.

5. Safety


Generally, London is a safe city. But when you are in such a big city a lot of unfortunate incidents can be expected. Just always keep your belongings close to you and preferably zip all your bags.

You should be aware of your whereabouts at all times and never forget that cars drive on the left so when always check the street before crossing.

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