Airbnb – Safe or Risky?

Unfortunately lately you will hear a lot of horror stories regarding people who rent their own house or people who rent someone else’s apartment.

The truth is that Airbnb does not make background checks on anyone that wants to rent their space. So it is completely up to you, to find the right one and base your decision on your own criteria, including other people’s views.


Generally speaking, renting an Airbnb apartment CAN be safe, if you search carefully and go with renters with a lot of reviews and ID Verification. However, always try to be careful and expect the unexpected.

There are definitely ways to make sure you are safe.

1. Letting others know where you will be staying

Give to family or friends all the contact info of the place you will be staying at, such as contact name and number and address.

2. Online Check

Do not only rely on reviews on the Airbnb site. Instead, try to google the renter’s name in case you can find additional information.

3. Contact past renters

If you cannot do this through the site, ask your renter for this information. If they have nothing to hide, there is no reason why they will not give it to you.

4. Emergency Numbers

Before travelling to a new city, make sure you have all the emergency info of the city, such as ambulances, police, fire department.


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