Budapest in 5 days

On 5th of October, I travelled to Budapest, Hungary with my husband. It was a surprise trip for my birthday and to be honest one of the European cities I was really excited to visit.

We knew that 5 days were a lot for a small city like this, but we wanted to take things slow and fully embrace what the city has to offer.

Day 1 – Orientation Day (05.10.17)

We arrived at 09.30 in the morning and our check in was at 14.00. We bought the single transportation ticket and decided to head in the centre of the city for some breakfast and coffee. From the airport to Nyugati Pályaudvar, you take a bus and a metro, which means you have to change 2 tickets. We had no idea, but we got lucky.

We arrived at Nyugati Pályaudvar and started walking to explore the area. We had a lot of hours until we went to the hotel, so we decided to go to a bakery and then to a coffee place.

After our coffee, we took the way to our hotel (30 min walking) and the moment we arrived at the hotel, we just fell asleep for about 4 hours (we were exhausted). When we woke up at night, all I wanted to see was the parliament at night. And it turned out to be such a great choice.

Hungarian Parliament

This is the world’s third largest parliament building in the world and Budapest’s gem. Even though it is also gorgeous in the morning, at night it seems so grand and breathtaking.

We started walking along the Danube towards the Chain Bridge, to see the city at night. We passed by the Budapest Eye and St. Stephen’s Basilica, the most famous church in the city.

Chain Bridge
St. Stephen´s Basilica
Budapest Eye


Day 2 – Shopping & Exploring Day (06.10.17) 

Since we still had a lot of days left in our trip and the weather was terrible, we decided to go shopping and a bit of exploring around the city. We headed to WestCity End mall for shopping and lunch. And after, it was time to explore.

Of course, I had to see the Parliament in the morning. So we went from the other side of the Danube.

Ethnographic Museum
The Danube at sunset

Day 3 – Fun Day (07.10.17)

The day started with breakfast at BITE, my officially favourite bakery/cafe by far. It was the only day we had no idea what to do. The weather was great, so we decided to visit Margaret Island and take it from there. It turned out to be the most fun day in Budapest.

Margaret Island is basically a very big park. Inside you will find the Music Fountain, a Japanese & Botanical garden, the zoo, ancient ruins and a Rose garden. We decided to rent one of the small bicycle/cars to go around. Hands down one of the most enjoyable park experiences.


Day 4 – Tourist Day (08.10.17)

The day came that we had to finally visit the Buda part, where all the sightseeings are a bit higher in the mountain.

We started from the Garden of Philosophy and walked until Citadella, but we failed to calculate how tiring it would actually be to hike until there. We had to climb A LOT of stairs, BUT the view from all points was amazing. On the way down, we had to make a stop at Gellert Hill, which admittedly looks better from the bottom.

View from Citadella
Garden of Philosophy

The Buda castle was next. There is a small train that takes you up the hill, but we had to wait approximately 1,5 hours. Instead, we hiked… AGAIN. The Castle was nice, but nothing special to be honest. Thankfully, from there we could easily go to the Fisherman´s Bishop, the most unique castle in Budapest. It was our last stop and the sight I was looking forward to seeing since my first day in Budapest.

Fisherman´s Bastion at night

Because it wasn´t enough, we also came back at night to see Fisherman´s Bastion lit with a beautiful view of the Parliament.


Day 5 – Spa Day (09.10.17)

And the most glorious day arrived. After all this exhaustion from the previous day, we had to finish our trip with relaxation. What better place to do that, other than the Szechenyi Spa & Thermal Baths.

Szechenyi Thermal Baths

I will not get into it more right now, but it was very nice and a great way to finish our trip, after having fully relaxed.

Overall, Budapest is a beautiful city and extremely cheap. For 5 days of spending like crazy, we spend 300 in total for 2 people. I would definitely recommend you visit the city even for 2 or 3 days, which are also enough.


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