Bloggers that convinced me to visit Budapest

So, next month I will be visiting Budapest for my birthday. I have been wanting to visit the city for a very long time, since I have heard the best comments about everything.

Most importantly, I want to relax and enjoy the thermal baths and spas.

I knew I wanted to visit Budapest so bad, but after reading Paige Chanel´s relative post, I was more sure than ever.

I booked my tickets and accomodation and started researching what to do. Then I figured what better way than read my fellow bloggers´posts and take into considerations their suggestions. And so I did.

´Thisisyouth´ convinced me within 40 seconds of reading to definitely visit the best Pizza restaurant in Budapest, since it is delicious and costs only 80 cents.

´Twobrits´ tempted me to visit the London society coffee, but instead I think I am gonna go with Stika (the gentleman-ladies picture did it for me).

´Tripping and Trekking´ and ´The6MillionPMan´sold me on visiting the Danube both in the morning and at night.

Oh ´Lime ´n´Lemony´, thank you for showing me that Vörösmarty square has a beautiful market, but also the BUDAPEST sign I was looking for.

I have always wanted to visit an Ice Bar, but i never thought I would be able to do so in Europe. Thanks to ´Living La Vida Leah´ I discovered one in Budapest. I do not know if I will be able to stand the cold and actually visit, but you never know.

´The Yellow Polaroid´THANK YOU. I only pray the weather is good, because I have some rooftop bar visiting to do.

I like food. I like trying new cuisines. Sadly, I am not very open to trying things I do not eat anyway, like some kinds of meat or veggies. When it comes to desserts, it´s a whole other subject. ´Roam with Juliet´what have you done to me? I want to eat this Gundel Palacsinta right now.

So, thanks to all. Thankfully Ryanair did not cancel my flight, so the trip is on and I am looking forward to exploring all the places you suggested!!


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