Is Ryanair a safe airline?

Many think that low-cost airlines are not to be trusted. But that is not quite true… At least in most cases.

Ryanair is an Irish airline, whose route serves about 32 countries. What Ryanair does is to keep its cost as minimised as possible, so they save money and are able to offer low prices. But do not think for a second they save money on safety, fuels or engines.

1. Using Secondary Airports

One way to do so is by using secondary airports. For example, the main airport of arrivals in Cyprus is in Larnaca, but Ryanair flights only in Paphos. If you want to travel to London, be prepared to land on Stansted airport, outside of London. Why? Because not many companies flight in Paphos, so the costs are really low to land there. They usually choose airports outside all big cities, whenever possible.

2. Fast Come & Go

The moment you arrive at the airport, you want to leave the plane. As you go down the stairs, at the same time you see the passengers for the next flight waiting outside, ready to go on the plane. It is known that airlines pay large amounts of money for renting the space they land in. They usually stay there for hours or days, until the next flight. However, Ryanair saves money on renting costs, by trying to stay landed for less than an hour.

3. In-Flight Food & Drink

Every time you travel, you usually say: ‘Oh it’s OK. I’ll drink something on the plane’. That is not the case here. Ryanair minimizes costs by not serving anything. No drinks, no snacks, no meals. Of course they are available if you are willing to pay some crazy prices for them. But you will not be offered anything for free.

4. Luggage Nightmare

You want to travel low-cost? That’s fine. Just be prepared to take a maximum of 3 outfits with you and be left with probably no space for souvenirs. You are only permitted to travel with a carry-on, and be charged with 40 euros for a suitcase, if you want one. Ryanair earns a lot of money on fines, since people mistakenly think they will get away with a bigger suitcase. Therefore, they pay up to 40 euros for each extra kilo on their luggage.

At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. You know you will not be offered drinks or that you can only travel with a carry-on. If you are not happy with the rules, find another airline.

5. No Space

The legroom space in the Ryanair aircrafts is quite small. People barely fit and during the flight they cannot move at all. Furthermore, there are no backseat pockets or room for the personal belongings you might use during a flight. By giving passengers less space in their seats, Ryanair has managed to fit more seats in the aircreafts. More seats means more passengers. More passengers mean more money.


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