Natural History Museum in London is a MUST

The National History museum in London is located in the Exhibition Road in South Kensington. It contains an incredible variety of specimens (about 80 million) including animals, minerals, insects and a palaeontology collection, which includes one of the most famous dinosaur exhibitions.

Museum Entrance

The museum is divided into four zones. The green zone contains mineral, fossil, reptile and bird specimens. Besides that, you can visit Waterhouse Gallery with photographs that best represent nature’s beauty and life’s diversity, as well as the Vault, a gallery of breathtaking emeralds, diamonds, amethysts and other gems.

The Vault

In the orange zone, you will find the Darwin Center, which presents butterflies, beetles, high plants, tarantulas and herbs and the Wildlife Garden, which is open from late March to early November and is basically a garden with over 2600 species.


Wildlife Garden

The blue zone is about life diversity, including mammals, fish, reptiles, dinosaurs and the Human Biology section. This zone is definitely one you will find yourself spend a lot of time there. The Human Biology section lets everyone know about DNA, cells, memory testing and the nervous system through very fun and educational games around the section. The Dinosaur part is truly interesting. You can see a ‘live’ T-Rex dinosaur and hear it roar and move.

Dinosaur Skeleton
Dinosaur Skeleton
Baby in Placenta

The red zone is all about Earth, from human evolution to volcanoes and earthquakes. You can see everything from the beginning of Earth’s creation, such as extinct species, sea creatures and evidence found on flying reptiles and dinosaur-birds. Make sure to get in the earthquake simulator and experience the Kobe earthquake in Japan.

Ecology Gallery
Earth Hall
Human Evolution

Overall, the National History museum is an excellent choice if you have the time to visit. It is extremely interesting and beautiful with fun educational games in all zones. It will always be crowded, but it is free to enter unless you want to make a donation of 2 pounds.



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