5 Cities to visit Before they Disappear

1. Venice

One of the most romantic and beautiful places you have to visit. However, US scientists report that Venice is sinking 5 times faster than Italian scientists think. Is no secret that almost every afternoon, the water levels rise and the city fills with water. You see tourists walking around the city barefeet.



2. Maldives

An exotic holiday destination, ideal to visit during the summer. But the waters around the island have been constantly getting warmer and rising. The government wants to invest in making the island carbon neutral by 2020 in an attempt to save the island and its people.



3. Seychelles

No doubt this is an amazing destination for a vacation. Even though the water keeps on rising. Locals say there was much more land available for tourists a few years back. Now, with each year passing the water comes closer to the sure, leaving less land free.



4. Mexico

The city has a population of 122 million people. As the population rises, the demand for water does too. Therefore, the aquifer beneath the city is on the verge or collapsing. In this case, Mexico is sinking into the ground.



5. Bangkok

Sadly, Bangkok may not exist in 15 years. Having the same problem with Mexico, Thailand’s capital uses too much water from the aquifers. Besides that, the sea levels rise dangerously.



5 thoughts on “5 Cities to visit Before they Disappear

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