3 Ways To Make Money While Travelling

Travelling is what people desire most nowadays. But of course, you need to work a little in order to afford these trips. What if there was a way to also make money while travelling?

To be honest, there are a lot of ways, but I will present you the most efficient and realistic ones, besides becoming a flight attendant.

1. Photography

If you have a high-resolution professional camera, then take advantage of it. Publish your pictures in known sites that buy professional photographs, send them to travel agencies, or newspapers and magazines that might want them.

2. Teaching English

The language that everyone speaks and everyone wants to speak. In Korea for example, you will earn a lot of money for teaching English. In Spain, you will not make as much, but in both cases, you can make your own schedule and travel in your spare time.

3. Tour Guide

When you are in a city you know very well, pick a spot along with other tour guides and offer your services at lower prices than the competition. If you sell it correctly, people will follow you for a fee.


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