Nuremberg’s Volksfest

Nuremberg’s Volksfest takes place in  Dutzendteich, also known as the Nazi Party Rally Grounds. It happens twice per year, usually in September and April and lasts for about 2 weeks. Volksfest is basically a fun fair- food festival.

Volksfest is the People’s Festival, with 100,000 square meters of attractions, food trucks and beer stands. There is little something for everyone, children, adults and elderly. You can eat the quite big Nurnberger sausages, try langos with minced meat and cheese or grab snacks (fries, crepes, sweet corn).

It is one of the few regular events happening in Nuremberg. Since it is a small city, each event or festival turns into something big. It is the perfect fair to visit during a weekend with both friends and family. You can easily spend almost a whole day there and if you happen to get bored, you can always walk around the lake of Dutzendteich.

***  Tip: Every Wednesday, all rides are half-price ***


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