Transportation in Germany

While in Germany, you will not be disappointed by the transportation. Is easy, fast and always on time whether you want to travel from one city to the other or inside a specific city.

Bus: Definitely the cheapest choice to travel through Germany, especially if the cities are close to each other. Costs vary from 5 euros up to 19 euros (most of the times). Right now, Flixbus is the only coach company for travel within Germany. The advantages of choosing the bus is that is cheap, fast and has wifi connection.

Train: The faster choice, but not the cheapest. Try to find the cheapest tickets (usually early in the morning or late afternoon). If you wish to go around Bavaria, you can purchase the Bayern ticket, which costs 23 euros for one person and an extra charge of 5 euros for the next person (ex. 2 people will pay 28 euros, 3 will pay 33 euros and so on, with a maximum of 5 travellers). The benefit of the Bayern ticket is that travel as much as you want for that day and the ticket is also valid for the return, including free transportation of the city you visit. Also, when travelling on weekends, the ticket is valid for both days.

Click on the following cities to view each city’s official page for transportation information and ticket prices.












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